Female | Child voice over

Find the perfect Female | Child voice for your voice over project.

It’s honest, it’s exuberant, it’s quirky, it’s fun _it’s female child voice over. And let’s face it, there’s nothing cuter that hearing a little girl speak. A well done female child voice over can breath life into a character, and it’s perfect for mature as well as child audiences.

Info for Female | Child voice overs

It’s not a one show fits all type of deal with young female voiceover. You have a variety to choose from depending on your project_whether it’s a branding campaign, a character voice for a talking toy, or a music video. Female child voices are versatile, not just in marketing but also in entertainment. You’ll hear these cute voices in commercials, video games and animations.

Who wants to listen to Female | Child voice overs?

Child voices are cute and honest, which makes them very convincing both to their fellow children and to adults. Young voices are likable to younger audiences, and they represent the idea of family to older audiences. A female child voice over can advertise chocolate milk as well as home furniture. The presence of a female child voiceover can communicate the honesty and reliability of your product.

What makes the perfect Female | Child voice?

Tighten your vocal chords to sound like a small child. That or inhale a big gulp of helium. A child-like female voice is wobbly, almost like you are swallowing as you speak. They tend to glide over their consonants as they pronounce words so that ‘going’ becomes ‘goin.’ Keep these tips in mind if you want to really sell your performance; children use simple words when they speak, and they tend to display excessive emotions as well. Talking like a female child means feeling every word you say and not just spurting it out in a high pitched voice.

When to use a Female | Child voice over?

Young female voices can be whatever you want them to be. There is the girl next door voice that sounds sweet and cool, the troublesome voice that sounds sarcastic and sassy, or the sincere and hopeful female child voice over. You have a world of talent to choose from. And who can forget the creepy little girl voice that practically dominated Hollywood's horror scene? Because they are versatile, female child voices can be used in commercial advertising, video games, music videos, as well as in character animations.

Which are the most famous Female | Child voice actors?

It's not always easy to work with kids in the studio. Casting directors often use adult females to voice children, like actress Kristen Bell who voices Anna in both Frozen and Frozen II.

Other info for Female | Child voice overs

You don't need to hire an actual child; you can settle for an adult pro who sounds like a child. But keep in mind that there is a difference between a child-like voice and an authentic female child voice. It takes a lot of talent and practise for an adult to perfectly mimic a child's voice.

Female | Child voice overs summary

There are many different scenarios for needing the voice over of a female child. When you’d like to address children or their parents, nothing is more effective (or cuter) than the voice of a little girl. A young girl’s voice makes sure the image or product portrayed is young, fresh, and innocent.
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