Female | Teenage voice over

Find the perfect Female | Teenage voice for your voice over project.

Want to get through to generation Z? The answer is female teenage voice over. They bring a child-like innocence coupled with a teenage excitement to your project. Your audience will feel like they are listening to the charming girl next door. This voice can make your products sound fun and easy to use, hence attracting new customers.

Info for Female | Teenage voice overs

Female teenagers are headstrong and curious about what the world has to offer, but not quite ready to leave the next just yet. Female teenage voices are sweet meets sassy. They can sound extremely lively because of their high pitch. Teenagers also sound fun and relatable, and there is that child-like innocence that still lingers in their tone. The right female teenage voice over can inspire potential customers to care about your products.

Who wants to listen to Female | Teenage voice overs?

Teenagers are the top market for female teenage voice over. The market also expands to adults, escpecially when the character features in an adult animation. Female teenage voices are also great for advertising personal products such as beauty products. The youthful and sincere tone is convincing to customers.

What makes the perfect Female | Teenage voice?

Teenage voices tend to be unsure with multiple poses and sentence fillers including ‘like’ and ‘literally.’ There are a lot of unfinished sentences too. A female teenage voice over is more polished, less creaky and without the vocal fry. Older voice actors can mimic female teenage voices, in multiple accents and dialects crafted to suit the audience. Don't let the awkwardness of a female teenage voice over fool you; if done correctly, these teenage voices can strongly represent your brand.

When to use a Female | Teenage voice over?

Female teenage voice over can be used in commercials, animations, and narrations which attract audiences of all ages and gender. The voice is eager, excited, and charming. It almost sounds like the enthusiasm could burst through the voice, and this is exactly what you need to get potential customers excited about your product.

Which are the most famous Female | Teenage voice actors?

Mila Kunis voices the character Meg Griffin from the animated show Family Guy. Even though she is older, her perfomance of a female teenage voice over is very convicing.

Other info for Female | Teenage voice overs

Teenagers are usually divided into two; those under the age of 16 and those over. You should examine both ranges, testing voices across genders and ages until you find what you are looking for. A female teenage voice over doesn't have to be voiced by a teenager, or even by a woman. Voice actors have talents that allow them to mimic younger or older voices that you can select from.

Female | Teenage voice overs summary

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