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A Male | Senior voice over is all about experience, trustworthiness, and wisdom. If you're looking to engage your audience by conveying an air of intelligence and the refinement of age, then you're where you need to be.

Info for Male | Senior voice overs

Conveying a 'been there, done that' appeal through a voice is easier said that done. A voice for a male senior voice over allows you to create a sincere air of experience and wisdom that is very hard to achieve with younger voices. Older doesn't mean obsolete by any means, as our huge pool of senior voice over will be more than happy to prove!

Who wants to listen to Male | Senior voice overs?

You can reach many types of audiences with a senior voice over. If you're targeting people 60 years old and over, then yoiu probably won't get very far by using younger voices. They want to listen to a voice that they can trust and empathize with, somebody who's conceivably gone through the same experiences. A common frame of reference is a very important feature of a good voice over. Also, nothing says 'I didn't read about it, I lived it' more than a senior's voice. A Male | Senior can serve as shorthand for value, wisdom, and trustworthiness for younger generations too.

What makes the perfect Male | Senior voice?

There's no one-size-fits all senior voice out there. Everybody has a different instrument, but generally, a typical senior voice over will have a deeper, huskier tone with a golden-hued rasp that gives a worn appeal. These voices have a clear, calm, enunciation with clear diction and a relatable, down-to-earth quality.

When to use a Male | Senior voice over?

A Male | Senior voice over is perfect for when you need to talk to an older crowd. Of course, this could be anythjng from selling letting them know about the new features of their insurance or medical plan, new sports activities for seniors, of ro breaking age expectations altogether! There's nothing like a narrator with an older voice, or maybe a version of the main character that's further along the road. There's nothing you can't do with the right voice.

Which are the best commercials with a Male | Senior voice?

From AS&S featuring a senior rapper, to Jeff Bridges bringing back his 'The Dude' persona, or Sully in the Uncharted video game series, there are plenty of senior performances to love.

Which are the most famous Male | Senior voice actors?

Enkelschreck, Germany's oldest rapper, also set a record for one of the most awesome voice overs in history. Richard McGonagle doing mo-cap and voice acting for his character in Uncharted set a new benchmark for awesome senior performances.

Male | Senior voice overs summary

The senior male voice over actor is the perfect voice to convey wisdom and expertise. A senior aged male has lived a long life and has learned a lot along the way. The older male is the wise leader, the chief of the village, the decision maker. If you are looking for a voice over actor that demands respect, conveys intelligence and expertise, and is full of wisdom, you should hire a senior aged male voice over actor. Older adults deserve respect and are looked to for their wisdom and experience. If you are looking to connect with senior citizens with your project, a senior citizen is the best route to take. Hiring a young voice over artist to communicate with seniors will not even come close to being as effective as hiring a senior. BunnyStudio has a wide variety of senior male voice over actors to choose from in our database of more than 100,000 international voice actors. Looking to go global with that message? We have voice actors that speak more than 50 different languages. This makes it possible to reach a huge global market with your message.
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