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He may be cool or scrappy or a little awkward, but the male teenage voice over has a big place in the world of audio. From YA audiobooks to videogames to commercials, finding the right male teenage voice over can be they key to the success of your piece.

Info for Male | Teenage voice overs

It's a great age - those boy teenage years. As they try to navigate the world, they embody a mix of boldness, awkwardness, and independence mixed with boyhood charm. If you are working on a piece that includes a teenage boy, finding just the right voice over will complete it. Hone in on his character and what he stands for, and look for a voice that represents that.

Who wants to listen to Male | Teenage voice overs?

Often a teenage boy voice will be geared towards teenagers themselves. They are often in videogames, which do appeal to a wide range of ages beyond teenagers.The teenage boy voice also has an audience of all genders, especially when it comes to audiobooks or film. Young children also love the teenage male voice in animation. This strange, endearing age has widespread appeal.

When to use a Male | Teenage voice over?

A very popular use for a male teenage voice over is in video games. We also hear them quite often in animated films and in YA audio books. It's a specific role, and filling it well is crucial to get the mood across of a teenager. Another great use for these voices is in educational videos to relate to the teenagers they are geared to. Think vidoes promoting safe social media and awareness of mental health or sexual consent.

Which are the most famous Male | Teenage voice actors?

Donald Glover did an amazing job as Simba in the 2019 version of The Lion King. Elijah Wood, Jesse McCartney, and Ian Alexander have all done amazing work as voice actors in video games and other roles.

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Just because the character is a teenage boy, you aren't limited to teenage males for your voice actors. Consider different ages or genders to really get the voice you are after. Those subtle nuances, like awkward pauses or nervous chatter, will add depth and credibility to your piece.

Male | Teenage voice overs summary

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