Male | Young adult voice over

Find the perfect Male | Young adult voice for your voice over project.

Why would you need a male young adult voice over? Of, course, the immediate answer that comes to mind would be to reach that 20-30 male audience. But what is that audince interested in? How about white board animations, animated videos, podcasts, voice mail, radio spots... Actually the potential could be endless...

Info for Male | Young adult voice overs

The young adult age is like the crossroads. One one hand, some of the interests from the teens, like sports and video games remain, but also the first signs of adulthood kick in, and some life changing questions kick in like what carrer should young adults look for. At the same time, the consumer potential of young adults and their wide range of interests are a potential that business voice overs should tak a carefull look at.

Who wants to listen to Male | Young adult voice overs?

Actually the audience for male young adult voice over offers a greater potential than just the 20-30 age group. On one hand, the youn male adult voice can present ideas that teenagers aspire to, not only boys, but also the girls. At the same time, the ideas and aspirations of the young adult age carry over into the 3040 age group, and often correspond to each other.

What makes the perfect Male | Young adult voice?

Amee Shah, Stockton University associate professor and Director of the Cross-Cultural Speech, Language, and Acoustics Lab, says that 'people in their 20s and 30s have a certain pattern to their voices, a more “animated” way of speaking. We’re able to speak faster and louder than a senior citizen because our vocal cords actually move faster. And since our vocal endurance is high, we can blab your ears off for long periods of time without rest.'

When to use a Male | Young adult voice over?

Along with the generational interests like video games and animated films that carry over from the teens, male young voice over is often used in film and music previews and advertising that is geared towards the young adult age. But, where male young adult voice over can come in very handy is in online educational courses. Very often, young adults are more prone to listen to the 'boring' educational material whe it is explained to them by their peers.

Which are the most famous Male | Young adult voice actors?

Mathew Broderick did an excellent job with his male young voice over for The Lion King. Also, Brosurance, Obamacare ad campaign for insurance went viral online.

Male | Young adult voice overs summary

Male young adults are fresh out of college and looking to take over the world. They are young, motivated, and looking to launch their careers with a bang. Using a male young adult as a professional voice over artist is the perfect way to convey confidence. They are young leaders, looking to grab the bull by the horns. If you have a message to convey in your project and you want to attract an audience of young, eager adults that are entering the workforce with passion and purpose, choose one of our many male young adults from our expansive database of professional voice over artists. With over 100,000 professional voice over artists in our international database, you have many young men to choose from for your project. In fact, with over 50 languages to choose from, you can record young men voice overs on a global scale, making your project reach people all over the world.
Working with a young adult voice over artist will help lead your project to greatness by conveying the strength and confidence needed to get people behind your product.