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Are you looking for a voice-over impersonation that’s virtually indistinguishable from the real thing? Then we’ve got a few surprises in store for you! Our awesome team of pros is ready to bring its absolute A-game to bing your script to reality.

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Impersonations are some of the hardest jobs to nail in the voice-over game. While everyone thinks they can do a pretty great Jack Nicholson, reality usually begs to differ. Some pros, though, do such an outstanding job with their vocal impressions that it’s hard to believe you’re not listening to the actual person. Since we believe in quality, we’ve put together the best of the best for you so you can make an informed choice.

Some projects may call for soundalikes, and some may directly spoof a star or major personality. It goes without saying that for those high-impact moments, you’re going to want the pro to nail their job without any hiccups; what’s the use of having Barack Obama doing an ad for your car dealership if it’s going to come off unconvincing? A great voice-over impersonation leaves audiences scratching their heads and (usually) laughing in disbelief at an out-of-character remark or an ironic, loving parody.

In other projects your script may call for a more indirect cameo, or a character that uses an established personality’s style as a guideline. Maybe your scene doesn’t call for a perfect Barry White impression, but something that’s along those lines, and you can direct our voice pros to try to sound as close or as far away from the real deal as you want.

A voice-over impression can encourage you to play it as safe or as wild as you want. Want Keanu Reeves doing an ad for a pizza delivery place? Why not? There’s nothing like having The One on your side when you need to tell people about your double mozzarella and sausage special. Need John Cleese to narrate a funny bit in his quirky, authoritative British manner? We’ve got you covered. And if stealth action is the name of your game, you bet we’ve got excellent Solid Snake impersonators among our ever-growing voice-over crew.

We’ve made hiring a pro to do a perfect voice-over impression easier than ever. You just choose from the list and check out the available pros. Then, you enter the length of your script to get an instant quote, and choose the pro that fits your needs the most. Our pros are known for delivering great results with a quick turnaround every time — guaranteed.