Belle (Beauty and Beast) voice impersonation

Find the perfect Belle (Beauty and Beast) voice impersonation.

We love her pure, sincere voice. The Belle (Beauty and Beast) voice rings lovely over her French Provincial tone. She's a strong and loyal character, and her voice, whether speaking or singing shares these positive traits. When you want a voice as lovely as this one in your piece, come to us. We've got just the Belle voice for you.

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Info for Belle (Beauty and Beast) voice Voice-overs

Belle is a beloved Disney princess, and her voice is as pure and strong as she is. When you need a Belle voice, we've got it for you, and we can help bring this whimsy and unconventionalness to life in your audio.

When can you use a Belle (Beauty and Beast) voice Voice-over?

Belle is the heroine in Beauty and the Beast. She's an unconventional girl living in a very traditional, provincial town. She loves to read and years for adventure,yet she is fiercely loyal to her father. She sees right through the town heartthrob, and his machoism and sexism are blatantly offensive to her. She falls in love with the beast who is actually a cursed prince. She's a strong, loyal, young woman, and your audience will love any voice like hers. When you need an impersonation of Belle's voice, come to us. We can make your project an adventure all its own.

What makes the perfect Belle (Beauty and Beast) voice?

Belle's voice is pure and lovely. She sings beautifully, and her speaking voice is honest and clear. Whether you are thinking of the original, animated Belle or the latest version featuring Emma Watson, Belle's voice is as beautiful as her name, and we can help you find the perfect rendition of it.