Emperor Palpatine voice impersonation

Find the perfect Emperor Palpatine voice impersonation.

Are you ready to come to the dark side of the Force? The Emperor Palpatine voice is one of the most iconically-villanous sounds in the galaxy, and it's exactly what you need if you need to bring evil with a capital E to your projects.

Info for Emperor Palpatine voice voice-overs

ian McDiarmid is a Scottish theatre, TV and television actor. While he's portrayed a wide variety of characters and can easily slip into roles that require him to play both good and bad guys, Force lightning struck on the day that he was cast as the cackling, odious Emperor Palpatine for Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. His manic, scenery-chewing malice simply seeped out of every pore, inundating the screen with an aura of pure evil. The Emperor Palpatine voice is as captivating as it is off-putting, going from the smooth, almost seductive, sweet tones of an old, frail man, to the dry-throated bellow of a true master of evil.

When can you use a Emperor Palpatine voice voice-over?

Star Wars is, without a doubt, one of the most famous intellectual properties out there. Fans both young and old love to hate Emperor Palpatine, and his name's pretty much become shorthand for 'badness'. The Emperor Palpatine voice can bring some of that unique malevolence to any of your projects. If you've got a Star-Wars-inspired story in the works, or if you need to parody the Emperor for a commercial or ad, our perfect impressions will leave you stunned, and your audience satisfied.

What makes the perfect Emperor Palpatine voice?

The Emperor Palpatine voice is known for a gravelly, tired croak that seems deceptively weak at first, but can then turn menacing, mighty and booming when he reveals his true colors. He is the Senate, indeed.