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Info for Laura Bailey voice Voice-overs

Laura Bailey is, without a doubt, one of America's premiere voice actresses. Over her career she's amassed considerable success playing a varied roster of characters in animation, movies, anime, and all genres of video games. With a chamaleon-like ability to blend into her roles, her diverse skillset allows her to immerse herself into her characters. She can play heroes, villains, quirky side characters and anything in between. She can do either her recognizable "Laura Bailey voice," or be as unrecognizable as the role requires. Her amazing talent, personable demeanor, love for her fans, and willingness to take on a wide range of challengin roles are a few of the reasons why she's at the forefront of the female-led voice acting world.

When can you use a Laura Bailey voice Voice-over?

It's safe to say that audiences across the globe go crazy for a healthy dose of a Laura Bailey voice over. Whether it's the millions of anime fans who can breath easy at Laura playing an important role in a beloved anime franchise's dub, to an ever-growing video game audience who will have nothing but the best quality voice actresses and actors playing a role, the vote is in, and she's the Queen. If you're looking to give your project a little something extra, and need either a quirky voice or a clear Laura Bailey voice soundalike, we've got exactly what you're looking for.