Liam Neeson voice impersonation

Find the perfect Liam Neeson voice impersonation.

Do you need the perfect impression to bring back a young character who's been kidnapped? Then our Liam Neeson voice has exactly the very particular set of skills you're looking for, skills it has acquired over a very long career.

Info for Liam Neeson voice voice-overs

Liam Neeson is a en extremely accomplished Irish TV, movie, and theater actor. Known for his wide dramatic range and ability to deliver on both Oscar-worthy turns as well as B-movie action fare, he's as formidable a screen presence as they come. Part of his allure lies in his gravelly, masculine, authoritative voice which still has a trace of his Irish brogue. Whether he's playing Oskar Schindler for Spielberg or the iconic Jedi master Qui Gonn Jinn, he's always imposing, stately, with an air of serene, commanding gravitas. If your project calls for a Liam Neeson voice, expect it to bring all of these qualities to your project, and more!

When can you use a Liam Neeson voice voice-over?

Who doesn't love Liam Neeson? He's known for roles that require refinement, charm, wisdom, and an incredible presence that you just can't tear away from. And, as he's proven multiple times over the past decade, he's no slouch in the action department either. With his slew of 'Taken' movies he's taken the world by storm by playing middle-aged action hero Bryan Mills with an intense dedication to realism and grittiness. The Liam Neeson voice is equal parts wisdom and barely-concealed menace.

What makes the perfect Liam Neeson voice?

Deep, gravel-throated (without overdoing it) with a slight Irish brogue. As iconic as it can be chilling if it's on the other end of the telephone line.