Rapunsel voice impersonation

Find the perfect Rapunsel voice impersonation.

When we watched Tangled years ago, who knew we'd be living in isolation with Corona, just like the town's name in the movie. That may be irony at its best, but what is truly lovely about the film is Rapunsel's voice. If you need a Rapunsel voice, let us know, pandemic or not.

Info for Rapunsel voice voice-overs

Rapunsel has a beautiful voice, even though she's kept captive in a tower. Her voice speaks of bravery and adventure, and when she sings, it's a joy to hear. If your project needs a youthful, adventurous voice full of hope, consider using a Rapunsel voice.

When can you use a Rapunsel voice voice-over?

Rapunsel is a princess in the town of Corona. She's a pro at social distancing as she is locked in a tower alone except for her "mother." She sings of how she passes her day; for some of us these days, it sounds oddly familiar. She's beloved by many and if you are working on a project with a princess or Disney flair, or even a satirical pandemic song, your audience will love a Rapunsel voice. It's a voice to have fun with, for sure.

What makes the perfect Rapunsel voice?

Rapunsel's voice has a youthful innocence, a drive for adventure, and a hint of fun. It's clear, feminie, and on the higher side. Not only does she have a great speaking voice, but she also can sing. Actress Mandy Moore voiced Rapunsel in the animated Disney film, fulfilling a lifelong dream of hers.