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Bulgarian’s language has a rich heritage dating back centuries. A Bulgarian voice over perfectly captures the tone, pitch and other features that make Slavic languages so distinct.

Bulgarian voice over info

The Bulgarian language has come to epitomize much of its speakers’ culture. It has gained a distinction from other Slavic languages by the complete loss of case declension in the noun. Speakers also use certain grammatical features you find in Balkan languages. When you use a Bulgarian voice over for your project, it does more than pass a message. It represents the history, culture, and norms of the Bulgarians. Your listeners are transported back for millennia and easily fall in love with the distinctness of the language. So unique is this language that Bulgarians have a special day on May 24 to celebrate the Bulgarian language, script, and culture.

Origin / History of Bulgarian voice overs

The Bulgarian language is a member of the South Slavic group Indo-European family of languages. The history of this language spans four periods. Prehistoric Bulgarian period was between the Slavic invasion of the Eastern Balkans and the mission of St. Cyril and St. Methodius to Great Moravia in the 860s. The Old Bulgarian (Old Church Slavonic) was from the 9th to 11th centuries. It was marked by the use of an early southern dialect by Saints Cyril and Methodius and their disciples. The Middle Bulgarian period between the12th to 15th centuries saw the evolution of the earlier Old Bulgarian into the official language of the Second Bulgarian Empire. From the 16th century, this period represents the development of modern Bulgarian with primary grammar and syntax changes in the 18th and 19th centuries.  In a professional Bulgarian voice over, all these aspects of the language’s evolution come out clearly.

Countries that speak Bulgarian

This Southern Slavic language boasts over 12 million speakers who mostly reside in Bulgaria. However, there are other speakers in Ukraine, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Germany, Spain, Romania, Canada, USA, and Australia. Bulgarian is mutually intelligible with Macedonian. It is also closely related to, Bosnian, Croatian, Slovenian and Serbian.

Bulgarian accent voice overs

There are two broad dialects of Bulgarian, and this distinction happened during the Middle Ages. The two dialects emerge due to differing reflexes one Slavic vowel. The Western dialects, also known as ‘hard speech,’ pronounce the vowel yat as“e” in all positions. For the Eastern dialects, also known as ‘soft speech,’ the vowel yat alternates between“y” and“e.

Voice characteristics of the Bulgarian language

The Bulgarian Alphabet has 30 Letters, of which six are vowels, and the rest are consonants. While Bulgarian is a Slavic language, there’s almost no use of the numerous case forms of the noun. It also has a definite article, unlike most other Slavic tongues.

Special pronunciation for Bulgarian voice overs

Bulgarian is a unique tongue in that one letter ‘ь’ has to have an “o” next to it. Some letters also have two sounds. In Cyrillic writing, the letters look Latin, but pronunciation is different. Stress can fall on any syllable in the word. A voiceover in Bulgarian will delicately balance the vowels with multiple consonants.

When to use a Bulgarian voice over?

Bulgarian is a popular language used in daily usage, performance arts, films, and movies. Bulgarian voice overs are in high demand as the number of speakers continues rising.

Bulgarian voice overs summary

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