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One of the romance languages in the world, Catalan is known for its lively and warm accent. It’s a unique language that’s easy to pick up, especially for Spanish speakers. It sounds like the Spanish most people know – close enough but not quite! An accent with a guttural and lazy quality, a Catalan voice over is unmistakable.

Catalan voice over info

Catalan features over four million native speakers. If you want to make sure your viewers will understand your message, you must speak their language. For the people of Catalonia and other Catalan speakers, it’s best to take advantage of Catalan voice over services.

Origin / History of Catalan voice overs

Like Spanish and French, Catalan’s origin is Latin but evolved in its own way in the 9th century. Around that time, Catalan was widespread in the Iberian peninsula, and by the 15th century, it spread throughout the Mediterranean. In 1965, the Treaty of Pyrenees was signed, which led to the Catalan language’s prohibition in Northern Catalonia. This suppression continued until recently when in 2007, the French government finally promoted its use in public and education. Its use was also prohibited in Spain but was allowed in the mass media in the early 1950s. Catalan was eventually promoted upon Franco’s death, and Spain adopted constitutional monarchy. The language is spoken mostly in present-day Spain, but it is actually more similar to French. Many words used by Spanish today are from Arabic or heavily influenced by it. It was after the Moorish conquest in the 8th century. Catalan also has Arabic influence by did not evolve to the same extent as Modern Spanish. As mentioned, Catalan is most closely related to French, more specifically to the Occitan language. However, one must note that Catalan is clearly unique from both Spanish and French. Even in the past, it tended to be different from the Central dialect (Barcelona). It was likely due to the standardizing influence of becoming Aragon’s official language between 1137 and 1749.

Countries that speak Catalan

More than 9 million people in the world speak Catalan. Four million of them speak it as their native language. There are native speakers of Catalan in various parts of Spain, particularly in Catalonia, Balearic Islands, and Valencia. Many native speakers are also in France, prominently in Pyrenees-Orientales. Other countries that speak this language include Italy and Andorra.

Catalan accent voice overs

Some people think Catalan is a Spanish dialect, but it’s always been a separate language. It even has as many as six dialects, divided into two main groups – Eastern and Western Catalan. The different dialects are spoken in specific areas. From east to west, there’s Alguerese (Alghero), Balearic (Balearic Islands), and Rousellonese (Roussillon, France). Next, there’s Central Catalan (Barcelona and Girona), Northwestern Catalan (Lleida, Tarragona, and La Franja), and Valencian (Valencia). With this many Catalan dialects and accents, you are sure to find the right Catalan voice over to make your project stand out.

Catalan voice overs summary

Some languages transcend borders naturally, and Catalan is proof of this. It’s spoken in North-eastern Spain and crosses the border into France. Andorrans speak Catalan and throughout the region where Catalan is spoken, it has become a mass-media language. It has even had its influence on English with words like ‘Barracks’ and ‘Paella’.
Using this powerful language opens up a whole new audience for you, but you’re aware that you need someone who speaks perfectly accented Catalan. It can’t be just anyone, either. A good voice over requires a professional voice actor whose voice is appropriate to your material. You might also like a native Catalonian to transcribe your script so that it’s word-perfect and punchy.
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