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Expand your business empire into the thriving orient with an authentic Cantonese voice over. 'Hussle' your bustle in the native tongue of Hollywood stars, Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, and give your brand a fresh voice in some of the most prolific Chinese hubs of Asia.

Chinese - Cantonese voice over info

A variant of the Chinese language, Cantonese shares its written vocabulary with Mandarin. Albeit, both languages differ extensively in grammar and pronunciation. Although it’s the second most spoken Chinese dialect after Mandarin, few Cantonese speakers are efficient in its written form. The dialect has adopted a non-verbatim written form similar to Mandarin. But when spoken, both languages sound drastically different.

Origin / History of Chinese - Cantonese voice overs

Originating from more than 2,000 years ago, Cantonese reigned as a widely spoken dialect in Guangzhou and Southeastern China. History tells us that both city and tongue played a significant role in the maritime Silk Road. Cantonese is a traditional prestige variety of the Yue category, one of five that encompasses over 200 Chinese dialects. The old tongue has conservatively preserved its final tones and consonants of the Tang Dynasty.

Countries that speak Chinese - Cantonese

Around the globe, 74.3 million people speak Cantonese, in which 60 million reside in China. The regions of Hong Kong and Macau have adopted Cantonese as an official language. Pockets of minorities can also be found in Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Malaysia.

Chinese - Cantonese accent voice overs

The evolution of Cantonese has given rise to many similar variations. They include those from Bobai, Gaolei, Guinan, Ping, Tengxian, Zhongshan, Cangwu, Yanjiang, and Siyi. Among them, the Guangzhou accent is known to be the most common in the Chinese world.

Voice characteristics of the Chinese - Cantonese language

Expressive and fast-paced, Cantonese, like Mandarin, is spoken with drastic intonations. In contrast to Mandarin's 4 pitch tones, the raw dialect harbors 9. Often short and minced, syllables spoken collectively, create a rise and fall of a colorful melody. The dialect is also known to sound unabashedly direct to foreign ears. As such, Cantonese is often a challenging language to learn.

Special pronunciation for Chinese - Cantonese voice overs

Cantonese comprises of 22 consonant phonemes, 600 unique sounds, and 9 tones. Every syllable is designated to a character and consists of an initial and final sound. That’s a truckload of agility to master with one tongue! Most foreigners who pick up the language, therefore, tend to lack authenticity because of its complexity of tones. Can’t handle the lingo? Hire a professional Cantonese voice over for your localization project will make you a shoo-in when appealing to your target demographic

When to use a Chinese - Cantonese voice over?

Remember the old 1973 Bruce Lee film, 'Enter the Dragon'? Fast forward to today, Hong Kong is an international player on the global cinema stage. Cantonese voice over and dubbing is hence, indispensable for welcoming international influence into its melting pot of cultures. That said, Hong Kong and Macau are also home to a stable economy that supports flourishing trade, business, and entertainment.

Chinese - Cantonese voice overs summary

Plain speech (??; ??): that’s what speakers of Cantonese call their language, and if you want to do some straight talking to millions of Cantonese speakers then there’s only one language to do it in. Getting a Cantonese voice over from BunnyStudio is straightforward too.
Choose the dialect you need according to the geographical area where it is spoken: Guangzhou, Xiguan or Hong Kong. We have local voice actors that will lend your material the local flavour you’re looking for. Now browse through our extensive selection of voice overs and choose the voice that appeals to you most – or simply tell us what you’re looking for. We’ll find the voice talent that you have in mind.
As soon as you give us the go-ahead, BunnyStudio gets to work and within hours, you will have the professional Cantonese voice over you want. Millions of Cantonese are waiting to hear your message.