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Poetic. Artistic. Melodious. They say the tone-deaf can’t speak Mandarin, and rightfully so! With 50,000 characters and in 4 different tones, there's just no winging it. Bust the hussle and hire a hative Mandarn voice over instead!

Chinese - Mandarin voice over info

Chinese characters are an artful evolution of ancient drawings. Mandarin is portrayed as an expression of tradition and man's understanding of reality. But while it might be easy to pick up other spoken languages, Mandarin is considered the most difficult tongue to master. Particularly because of its emphasis on vocal tones. While one can learn to speak Mandarin, seldom do they successfully sound authentic.

Origin / History of Chinese - Mandarin voice overs

2,000 years ago, the first emperor of China was buried with his formidable terracotta warriors. But even eons before then, Mandarin has already been widely adapted. With at least 6,000 years of recorded history, it's the oldest language in the world tracing back to the New Stone Age. Just like other primitive lingoes, early civilization Sumerian symbols have been lost in it the the language's evolution. What remains is today’s modern Mandarin.

Countries that speak Chinese - Mandarin

There are 1.31 billion speakers of Mandarin in the world. That means you can literally reach 16% of mankind's population with a chinese voice over! The 3 main countries that recognizes Mandarin as an official language are Taiwan, China, and Singapore. The jurisdictions of Hong Kong and Macau however, speak Chinese in a different vanecular form.

Chinese - Mandarin accent voice overs

More than 200 Chinese dialects clustered under five categories exist today. Mandarin aside, they are the Yue, Min, Hu, and Hakka dialects. Don't get befuddled by the variety of Chinese voice overs! Mandarin itself reaches about two-thirds of China's population, and that's a lot. But if you're planning to reach parts of Hong Kong, Macau, Guangdong, and Guangxi, Cantonese would be the appropriate dialect.

Voice characteristics of the Chinese - Mandarin language

Some describe a typical Mandarin conversation as the clanging pots and pans with chopsticks. Without a doubt, the language can sound alien, loud, and aggressive to foreign ears. Hence, hiring the correct accent for your project's localization is imperative. Bunny Studio offers a variety of professional, unaccented, and euphonious Mandarin voice overs to suit every project's needs.

Special pronunciation for Chinese - Mandarin voice overs

Unlike many languages, Mandarin isn't governed by phonetics. Instead, the pinyin system aids mandarin learners in the pronunciation of characters. Pinyin is composed of English letters, albeit one cannot pronounce pinyin the way it's spoken in English. Four pitch tones distinguish the meanings of different characters with the same pronunciation. Most often, it is the accuracy in tones that contributes to the frustration of Mandarin beginners. Hence, culminating in the lack of authenticity for many foreign speakers.

When to use a Chinese - Mandarin voice over?

Both China and Singapore have a rock-stable economy worthy of any investor's consideration. With China's tense ties with the west, hiring a native speaking Chinese voice over is always the safe choice when it comes to branding your product in the region.

Chinese - Mandarin voice overs summary

Would you believe that there are about 1 billion native Mandarin speakers in Northern and South Western China? It’s an almost unimaginably huge audience! Will you let them slip through your fingers? Certainly not. All you need is a native Mandarin voice over and your material is ready for a massive audience that you wouldn’t otherwise have been able to reach.
If you think that sounds difficult, think again: it’s easy with BunnyStudio. Although the ability to speak perfect Mandarin may not be one of your many talents, BunnyStudio has voice talent all over the world. Our voice actors in China are ready for your instructions. Getting a voice over in perfect Mandarin has never been simpler.
You’ll enjoy browsing through our selection of Mandarin voice overs and choosing the one that’s right for you. Then all you have to do is sit back and wait for a few hours and your voice over arrives. It’s perfectly recorded, it follows your specifications to the letter. It’s exactly what you needed.