English - Australia voice overs

Find the perfect English - Australia voice for your voice over project.

There's something about that Aussie accent. It's friendly, yet sexy; it's humble and chill. That's why everyone loves it. Having an English-Australia voice over can win over your audience, no matter your project. An Australian character in a video game will be well loved, an Australian voice in an audiobook will be captivating, and any other medium from commercial to film will be the perfect spot for this charming voice.

English - Australia voice over info

The English Austrailian voice is the more chilled cousin to the enticing British accent. Whereas we see the English speaker in trendy city clothes, we picture the Australian holding a surfboard, or at least in a casual outfit. And this is what the accent conveys as well. If your piece has a place for a friendly, well known, warm voice, with just a bit of exoticness tossed in, the English-Australia voice over may be just what you want.

Origin / History of English - Australia voice overs

Like North American English, Australian English derived from British English. In the 1700's, Britain colonized Australia, and the language began to take on its style. Australia was intended to be a penal colony and many of the people sent there were from larger cities, like London where they spoke with a Cockney accent. Southern British is also a basis for the Australian accent. These accents began to diverge into the Australian accent we hear today.

Countries that speak English - Australia

The Australian population is around 26 million with the majority of this population on the Eastern seaboard. Not much of the interior of the large country is populated. The ACT (Australian Capital Territory) has the highest population density of any area in Australia. Victoria and New South Wales also have high populations, while the Northern Territory has the lowest population density. Australia is the sixth largest country in the world.

English - Australia accent voice overs

Unlike other countries, like England or the United States, Australia does not have different accents for its different regions. You may hear different dialects based more on class than region. Because Australia is a mobile country and many people move around from place to place, the Australian accent is quite general throughout the country.

Voice characteristics of the English - Australia language

Autralians are very adept at changing their voice depending on who they are talking with. For instance, thier accents may shift to heavier on the British side if they are talkign with British people. The Australian accent is well known for its softer vowels, the lack of a strong 'r' sound, and the intonation that often makes statements sound like questions, plus makes the language sound so lovely.

Special pronunciation for English - Australia voice overs

With an Australian accent, you will hear 'oo' sounds as 'ew' sounds. For instance, 'pool' and 'cool' become 'pewl' and 'cewl'. Another pronunciation distinction is either leaving off the last letter of a word or changing it. An example is 'trying' is 'tryin' and 'after' is 'aftah'.

When to use a English - Australia voice over?

When you are looking for a rugged but sexy voice, go with an English-Australia voice over. The subtle nuances and well loved slang will endear your character or voice over to the audience. Whether it's a voice over for your new podcast or a character in an audiobook, you can't go wrong with an English-Australia voice over.

Other info for English - Australia voice overs

Are you going down under with your video, presentation or sound clip? Of course, Australians understand English from just about anywhere in the world - it’s just that they won’t identify with it as easily as they identify with a voice over from home.
It’s not only the Australian English accent that’s unique; it’s also the everyday slang. If you want to appeal to the cool crowd, your script will have to be re-written by a local. Luckily, you won’t have to look far to find a comprehensive voice over service that can give you exactly what you want. You've found it with BunnyStudio.
There’s no need to ‘go beyond the black stump’ (travel a long way) to find the voice over service you need. Simply choose the Australian voice actor whose voice over sample you like best and let us know what your requirements are. We spring into action and you get your professionally recorded voice over within as little as a few hours.