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Is there a more pleasant and chilled accent to listen to than the English-Caribbean language that is prevalent to the West Indies islands? With it's emphasised vowels and almost sing-song manner of speaking, English-Caribbean must be the language closest to having its own melody.

English - Caribbean voice over info

Adding an English-Caribbean speaker to your story will generally lift the energy and provide some fun. If it's a relaxed and funny sidekick you are wanting for your main character or else a side character such as doctor, mechanic or undertaker. It can especially add some brief moments of light relief in a more serious story like an action or thriller. Caribbean-English is seldom given starring potential but often ends up stealing scenes and remaining in your mind long after the movie has finished.

Origin / History of English - Caribbean voice overs

The history of the language spoken in the Caribbean is closely tied to being colonised by England. Jamaica, for example, was taken by the British from the Spanish in 1655 and remained under British rule until its independence in 1962. A lot of the language spread when people from the smaller colonised islands moved out to some of the larger islands carrying their language with them.

Countries that speak English - Caribbean

The Caribbean consists of between 12 and 13 islands southeast of the Gulf of Mexico in the Caribbean Sea and is made up of over 44 million people.
When it comes to English-Caribbean and West Indies, both terms can be used synonymously. However, 'the West Indies' technically refers to the various islands that comprise the Greater and Lesser Antilles (especially the latter) and “the Caribbean” includes the Mexican, Central American and South American shorelines that border the Caribbean Sea (maps and links below).

English - Caribbean accent voice overs

Caribbean English is influenced by the English-based Creole varieties spoken in the region. It is generally agreed that although the dialects themselves vary significantly in each of these countries, they primarily have roots in British English and West African languages. The general language has the most in common with British English but with an Afro-Caribbean cadence. Each island has its own influence [eg Jamaica - Irish] and own peculiarity or nuance.

Voice characteristics of the English - Caribbean language

Caribbean-English tends to be spoken with a deeper voice. There is no sense of hurry with English-Caribbean which compliments the sense of relaxedness and chill often associated with characters from this region.

Special pronunciation for English - Caribbean voice overs

Eastern-Caribbean is typically spoken with exaggerated emphasis on the vowels giving them that delightful stretched-out sound. Some of the most distinctive features of Caribbean English lie in this assignment of stress and intonation, with syllabic pitch separated from stress in a notable departure from British and American standard varieties.

When to use a English - Caribbean voice over?

Strangely enough, one of the best places to familiarise yourself with the English-Caribbean accent would be to listen to some cricket commentary. Michael Holding is the most popular who continues to provide commentary.

English - Caribbean voice overs summary

The sun-kissed islands of the Caribbean have been a cultural melting pot for centuries. Spanish, French, English and Dutch are all spoken with a special twist that could only be Caribbean. Haitian Creole and Papiamento are unique languages that evolved here. Choosing the right languages is essential to the success of your Caribbean voice over.
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