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It is the original English language that launched variations of it around the world. Soothing and authoritative with a sense of class it gently grabs hold of you and transports you elegantly on your way.

English - England voice over info

The English-England voice is enticing and comes from someone who is dressed up in trendy office clothes, likely wearing a jacket and quite possibly a tie. It conveys order and a sense of holding in its graps the way things are meant to be. It is not a conflict-seeking voice but rather relies on boldly stating its opinion and thought to inform and educate you about the way this particular part of the world works. Relying on history and tradition, the English-England voice tells you that everything is going to be okay because it has been okay for the past hundred years.

Origin / History of English - England voice overs

Britain is a country of many accents. What many of us know as the 'British Accent' is actually called 'received pronounciation'. This is the standard form of British English pronunciation, based on educated speech in southern England, widely accepted as a standard elsewhere.

Countries that speak English - England

England has a population of roughly 56 million people but South England just over 9 million. Most of those live in London which is quite a mixing pot of languages from around the world. It is in the towns and villages and rural areas surrounding the cities where you will find English-England more predominant and not so much influenced by the rest of the world.

English - England accent voice overs

This can be a litrle confusing and daunting. The great United Kingdom which England is part of contains Scottish, Irish and Welsh accents which are so specific to their region. But within England itself every area you go to has its own accent which can really make you feel like you have entered a different country. From cockney to geordie to the Midlands to Yorkshire, you really need to be specific just which English-England accent you are looking for. This does grant huge opportunity for diversity of voice though.

Voice characteristics of the English - England language

The generally accepted 'received pronounciation' accent of English-England is perhaps the easiest to master. It tends to be quite soft yet bold to signify both control and tradition. The idea of 'the right way of doing things'. Typically measured and quite light and fun, the English-England voice is a really delightful one to listen to. Imagine poise, sophistication and the idea of royalty.

When to use a English - England voice over?

The English-England accent will definitely be used for royalty or casual authority - think professor or doctor or psychoologist. But it is often made good use of in your typical Rom Com with someone like Hugh Grant or Keira Knightly springing to mind.

English - England voice overs summary

Welcome to England, one of the most storied and culturally rich countries on the planet. Continuous habitation of England goes back to the last glacial period, some 13,000 years ago. This means the accents across the country have been developing for a very long time. Even though England is small in size, it is big in variety when it comes to accents and dialects. When searching for an English accent voice over, you will want to know which region you want if you aren’t just looking for a neutral accent. From the posh accents from the south and London to the accents up in Liverpool and Manchester, there are plenty to choose from. Thankfully our vast database of professional voice over artists from around the world include plenty from England! Let us know which English accent you need for your voice over and we will provide an authentic, professional voice over for your project.