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An English - India voice over will allow you to not only win the hearts and minds of the millions that belong to this millenary culture, but to create new bridges of diversity and inclusivity.

English - India voice over info

To say that Indian English is widely spoken in South Asia would be a total understatement. And not only that, India is an incredibly diverse, varied culture that has a little bit for everyone, from the traditional to the cutting-edge. This is also very evident in its language, which is hugely represented in the tech sector as well. An English - India voice over is a perfect gateway into this unique world.

Origin / History of English - India voice overs

The use of English in India is closely related to British English. Indian English is only one of the many varieties of English spoken throughout the Indian territory, and among the Indian diaspora in the rest of the planet. Indian English rose to prominence due to the prolonged British rule over India through the East India Company. This rule was established in the 1600s, but gained absolute power by the early 1800s. After Indian independence in 1947, there was a strong push to make Hindi the official language of the country, but there was significant pushback from non-Hindi speaking states. This push-and-pull lasted for decades, and English is still thje lingua franca of the country, Indian English is now one of the official languages of the country, and the official language of 7 states and 5 Union territories, as well as an additional official language of several more states and territories. It is also one of the official languages for government work.

Countries that speak English - India

According to the 2011 census, around 129 people speak English in india, which totaled around 10.6% of the population. Approximately 259,678 spoke it as their first language. Around 83 million Indians report it as their first language, with an additional 39 million reporting it as their third language.

English - India accent voice overs

English is widely spoken throughout India, and it's considered the de facto language of the country, as there is still plenty of demand for English-centered education. Due to the enormous size of the country, there are plenty of dialects and varieties of Indian English. The major varieties are Assamese English, Bengali English, West Indian English, Cultivated Indian English, Southern Indian English, and General Indian English.

Voice characteristics of the English - India language

Indian English tends to sound warm, friendly, and open. Some varieties can also throw in Hindi, or non-English words into the mix as well. In general, an English - India voice over tends to sound very approachable and good-natured.

Special pronunciation for English - India voice overs

Some Indians tend to pronounce phonetically, but that's not true for everyone. Indian English speakers tend to have a non-rhotic accent (the r is not pronounced before consonants). There's usually a sing-song quality to this dialect as well. Some features are similar to RP (Received Pronunciation).

When to use a English - India voice over?

You can deploy an English - India voice over to convey the multicultural magic of India in myriad ways. from narrating sports like cricket to hiring a spokesperson for one of the many IT firms in the country.

English - India voice overs summary

India: one of the most culturally diverse and colourful countries in the world. This needs to be taken into account when you choose voice overs. The languages spoken in India reflect the vibrant mix of cultures that makes up the population of India. Hindi, Bengali Marathi and Punjabi are just some of the languages that you’ll hear on the streets of the cities and towns.
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