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Find the perfect English - Ireland voice for your voice over project.

Who doesn't love the friendly brogue of an English-Ireland voice over? With the right lilt and lyricism, your voice over will convey a strong, friendly, loyal, and lovable tone.

English - Ireland voice over info

English-Ireland voice overs bring the listener to the magic of Ireland while they convey a strong tone filled with trust and safety. We all know there's something friendly and true about an Irish voice, and it's also warm and comforting, filled with soothing tones. When you want your voice over to bring this mood to your project, going with an English-Ireland voice over can be just the right way to go.

Origin / History of English - Ireland voice overs

The Irish language comes from the Celtic language and has a very long and rich history. In fact, it's one of the oldest, living European languages and is very similar to Scottish, Welsh, and Breton. However, true Irish is only spoken by a small group of people, and Irish people speak English with an Irish accent full of rich Irish colloquilisms.

Countries that speak English - Ireland

English-Irish is spoken in Ireland where English is the predominant language, and the Irish accent is a beautiful take on it. The population of Ireland is close to 5 million people. Along with Great Britian and many smaller islands, Ireland is part of the British Isles.

English - Ireland accent voice overs

Ireland is known as the land of a million accents because there are so many differing accents around the country, many spoken by very small populations. However, there are a few main categories and regions of accents. One of these is East Coast, which includes Dublin, and the Local Dublin English and non Local Dublin English. Non Local Dublin English is considered a newer dialect and is moving away from traditional sounds. Then we have West and Southwest Irish English, Supraregional Southern Irish English which is a far reaching dialect of softer sounds, and Ulster English, also knowns as Northern Irish English.

Voice characteristics of the English - Ireland language

Even though most everyone is Ireland speaks English, the English Ireland voice is very unique. Many characteristics from Old Irish (Gaelic) are carried over into the sounds of the current language. If you are looking for an English-Ireland voice over, you'll want some of these following characterisitcs. Most often the end of the word is left off, such as 'wata' for 'water', 'th' is often pronounced with a 't' or 'd' sound, and words often run together. There is a very musical, lilting sound and the English Ireland voice is very pleasing to listen to.

Special pronunciation for English - Ireland voice overs

As mentioned, often words are pronounced differently, such as the end of words being left off and there isn't usually a 'th' sound. These are the two main pronounciation characteristics we want in an English-Ireland voice over, along with that unique lilt.

When to use a English - Ireland voice over?

People enjoy an Irish English accent and we often see it as personifying loyalty and friendliness, plus a little fun loving.

Other info for English - Ireland voice overs

With all the accents and dialect of Irish English, it's important to make sure the English-Ireland voice over matches the character to promote authenticiy and credibility. Those subtle sounds can make a big difference.

English - Ireland voice overs summary

Green pastures, rolling hills, and the stunning Giant’s Causeway. Famous for Guinness, rainy days, and the famous Irish sense of humor, beautiful Ireland is rich in history, culture, and pub life. The Irish accent is a very distinct accent that is hard to mimic. Very few non-Irish can get away with producing a believable Irish accent. Even neighbors from Scotland, England and Wales will have trouble wrapping their head (and tongues) around the Irish accent. If you are looking for a real, quality Irish voice over, look no further. Don’t try and save a few dollars by hiring someone who is not Irish. If your target audience is in Ireland, they will know the difference between a real Irish voice over artist and an imposter in a split second. If you need a professional, quality voice over from a real Irish voice over talent, look no further. You’ve come to the right place.