English - North America voice overs

Find the perfect English - North America voice for your voice over project.

It's the most popular form of English worldwide — and with good reason. An English - North America voice over conveys a strong, clear, and approchable tone that is a staple of Hollywood movies, video games, and music.

English - North America voice over info

English - North America is where it's at right now. Through decades of being at the forefront of art and entertainment, it's a cultural powerhouse that is practically synonymous with a certain offhand cool. With its nonchalant, friendly clearness, it's what you want if you need to bring an immediately recognizable, accessible flair to your projects.

Origin / History of English - North America voice overs

This brand of English comes from the post-Colonial history of the North America. Even though the first wave of English settlers arrived in the 17th century, the accent continued to evolve through the years until it attained its own recognizable, distinct identity.

Countries that speak English - North America

This type of English is prevalent across the enormous territories of the United States and Canada. The combined populations of both countries go up to between 370-380 million, so saying this accent is popular would be a huge understatement.

English - North America accent voice overs

Both the US and Canada have large, diverse territories that span millions of square miles and go from ocean to ocean (and even island archipelagos). Over time, settlers from different regions of the UK and other parts of the world called many of these lands their home. As a result, an English - North America voice over can have a wide range of regional accents that have their own unique identity and charm. Very well-known variants of these accents are General American (think California), New York, Midwestern, and Southern.

Voice characteristics of the English - North America language

One of the main characteristics of this accent is its clearness. Unless you stumble into an extreme regional variant, the English - North America voice over is one of the easiest forms of the English language to understand. It is most often thought of as an informal, laid-back accent that lends itself to humor and wordplay. But it really can convey a wide range of emotions and registers, as it is very versatile and flexible.

When to use a English - North America voice over?

An English - North America voice over can really be used for everything. It's an accent that knows nothing of social classes, gender, or professions. It can be the accent of the Ivy League, or the streets of a huge metropolis. It can convey the warmth and emotion of a caring parent, the greedy tones of a Wall Street stock trader who only cares about the bottom line, the authoritative tones of a military general, down to a funny, quirky animated character — you name it.

Other info for English - North America voice overs

From politicians you love, or love to hate, to miffed New Yoahkers who are 'Just walkin' here!' this accent can convey every possible identity under the sun. Variety, flexibility, and familiarity make it awesome for everything you can think of.

English - North America voice overs summary

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