English - Scotland voice overs

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Who doesn't love the romantic, swoon worthy Scottish brogue that conveys protection, romance, and comfort? With rolling R's and lilting sounds, the English-Scotland voice over is perfect for characterizing a charming but rugged character in films, video games, and any other project you have.

English - Scotland voice over info

An English-Scotland voice over may be just the right accent to bring romance, assertiveness, protection, ruggedness, and don't mess with me or anyone I love to any character. People love a Scottish accent for its rugged charm. It's been said to be the most attractive accent and appeals to both men and women. If you want to set that tone in your project, think about a Scottish accent and let your listeners be entranced by the melodic sounds and romance it offers.

Origin / History of English - Scotland voice overs

Since the 18th century, English has been the main language that people in Scotland speak. However, there are a number of different dialects and accents throughout the country. Each conveys a unique sound with subtle differences and colloquialisms. This language stems from Gaelic and with its variances throughout the country, you can hear soft, sing-song sounds or bold, rugged words. Each of these and all in between represent the beauty of the Scottish tone.

Countries that speak English - Scotland

Scotland is part of the United Kingdom where English is the predominant language but with many different accents and characteristics. This country lies north of England on the same island. The population of Scotland is now close to 5.5 million people. Scottish culture reflects genrosity and kindness.

English - Scotland accent voice overs

We know and love the Scottish accent, but there are quite a few different ones throughout the country. Four main dialects exist; these are Insular, Northern, Central, and Southern. Even within these different dialects and regions, you may hear variances of sub-dialects throughout.

Voice characteristics of the English - Scotland language

Ahhh, the sing song tones of the lovely Scottish accent. When you add your English-Scotland voice over to your project, you'll be adding magic. Some specific characteristics are the vowel sounds and some softer substitutions for other sounds, like 'ch' for 'k.' Some people say Scottish accents are difficult to understand, and yes, this can be true. But what a beautiful sound it is, anyway! Many unique words have derived from this language and the Scottish English language maintains them. For instance, you may hear dinnae for don't and auld for old. You may also hear inanimate objects referred to as he or she.

Special pronunciation for English - Scotland voice overs

A lot of the vowel sounds are more drawn out, such as shood for should. Another example is when 'o' becomes 'or,' as in storp for stop.

When to use a English - Scotland voice over?

English-Scotland voice overs can be used for any character that you want to exude a friendly, rugged, romantic charm. A bit more rugged than the British accent, the Scottish voice brings to mind romance and strength. Your hero could have this accent; it exudes strength, determination, and well, a rugged sensuality.

Other info for English - Scotland voice overs

An English-Scotland voice over can give your character rugged charm and win him or her over to your audience. Whether it's cleaned up like James Bond's or more rugged like Jaime's, it's a historical, charming, championing voice that everyone loves.

English - Scotland voice overs summary

Never tell a Scot that he is British. He will explain the error of your ways! Although Scotland is part of the UK, the Scots see themselves as uniquely Scottish. Their version of English reflects this, and it has its own slang and accent. Have you ever heard the traditional Scottish toast: ‘Here''s tae us, wha''s like us? Damned few an'' they''re a'' deid’. You have to admit, that’s definitely not British. A British voice over will go down like a lead balloon in Scotland! As if that weren''t enough, there are also many who speak Ulster Scots or Scottish Gaelic.
On the whole, a version of the Scottish-English dialect will get your audio visual material the attention you’re looking for in Scotland, but BunnyStudio can offer you Ulster Scots or Scottish Gaelic voices if preferred. Browse our selection of superbly professional Scottish voice actors. You’ll find the Scottish voices you’re looking for.
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