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Want to send a message to Santa Claus' residence? You just might need to to it in Finnish, as his residence is supposed to be located in Finland, somewhere close to the Arctic circle. But to do that, you would need to engage a Finnish voice over talent.

Finnish voice over info

Even Though Finalnd is part of Scandinavia, its native language belongs to a different language group than other Scandianavian languages. While Danish, Swedish, Iclandic and Faroean languages belong to the North Germanic languages, Finnish belongs to the Uralic language group, that includes 38 other languages, like Hungarian and Estonian.

Origin / History of Finnish voice overs

Finnish is the official language of Finland, but also an official minority language in Sweden and some parts of Norway and Russia. The origins of the current Finnish language date back to the 13th century and a document named Birch bark letter no. 292. The modernization of the Finnish language gathered pace in the Nineteenth century and further after the Second World War.

Countries that speak Finnish

Currently it is spoken by 5,5 million inhabitants in Finalnd. It is also estimated that there are onother five hundred thousand speakers in neighbouring and other countries.Along with Norway and Russia, Finnish is spoken in a number of countries thata ate attracting immigrants like the US and Canada.

Finnish accent voice overs

There are two distinctive branches of Finnish language dialects, Western and Eastern. The Western dialects are characterized by specific pronunciation of some consonant sounds, while the Eastern dialects are characterized by the so-called excessive case. The Meänkieli (Sweden) and Kareli (Russia) dialects are distinctive enough that they are not often understood by most people speaking standard Finnish lnguage.

Voice characteristics of the Finnish language

Vocal characteristics of the Finnish language depend on the language the speaker wants and/or needs to use. The 'standard language' (yleiskieli), is used in formal situations (speeches, newscasts), while the 'spoken language' (puhekieli) is the main variety of Finnish used in popular TV and radio shows and at workplaces. Yleiskieli has its written, 'book form,' called kirjakieli.

Special pronunciation for Finnish voice overs

The pronunciation of Finnish according to IE Languages has three basic rules. First, stress in Finnish is completely predictable: you stress the first syllable in every word, regardless of its status either as a native Finnish word or as a foreign borrowing. Second, there exist certain phonotactic constraints in Finnish: there can never be more than one word-initial or word-final consonant. Finally, speakers have to pronounce everything they see, including double consonants or vowels.

When to use a Finnish voice over?

Reaching out to over six million people that speak and understand the Finnish language will certainly require engagement of a Finnish voice actor. The availability of Finnish voice actors is not lacking.

Other info for Finnish voice overs

Finland is Europe’s seventh-largest country. It straddles the Arctic Circle, encompassing splintered archipelagos, 188,000 lakes, and far-flung Finnish Lapland. It is conidered as the best possible location to see the Northern Lights.

Finnish voice overs summary

Although various Finnish dialects are spoken in Finland, this language belongs in a linguistic group of its own. No other language is anything like it, and no other language will do for a voice over that’s destined for the Finnish market. People of Finnish extraction all over the world cling to their unique language and Finnish is spoken by significant numbers of people in countries like Russia and Sweden. The industrialized economy of Finland makes it a market that can’t be overlooked if you’re seeking global recognition for your work. We’re here to help. A local voice over for your material is at your fingertips with BunnyStudio. Choose from a selection of professional Finnish voice actors or post a casting call. You’ll find the right voice for your message with BunnyStudio. Speed, efficiency, quality and the best prices in the business are yours. Like you, we settle for nothing less than perfection. Get your Finnish voice over in a matter of hours.