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With a sound dramatically different from France French, Canadian French is quaint and positively charming. One of the world’s unique languages, it is less clearly articulated with a more monotonous tone. Sometimes guttural and nasally, some will say Canadian French is a little harder to understand. So a French- Canada voice over is key for understanding your desired message.

French - Canada voice over info

If there’s a way to get your viewers’ attention, it’s by speaking their language. Your voice over project will have more potential by getting a French Canada voice over. By speaking Quebec French, conveying your message to the Canadian marketplace and communities is a lot easier.

Origin / History of French - Canada voice overs

The origin of Canadian French began in 1534 when Jacques Cartier, leader of the expedition to find a different route, landed at the Gape Peninsula. He claimed it “New France” for King Francis I, and colonized it. Over time, it expanded to take half of what’s known today as North America. By the 17th and 18th centuries, other French varieties began to merge with Classical French brought by French colonists. Then the start of the New World’s British rule in 1760 led to the French colonies in Canada to be isolated. The settlements in modern-day Quebec were primarily affected, along with the French brought to the colony. More noticeable differences between the different French varieties started to appear around this time. While Standard European French has European influences, Canadian French was heavily influenced by the English language. In the late 1800s, the Canadian Confederation started moving towards industrialization. The increased interactions between the United States, English-speaking Canadians, and French Canadians caused the latter to adopt more English words. By the 1960s, the Quiet Revolution led to French Canadians to embrace their cultural identity. The Quebeckers’ sense of nationalism led to the Charter of the French Language in 1977. This charter seeks to protect the French Canadian language.

Countries that speak French - Canada

There are numerous communities in Canada that speak Canadian French. Most of them are in Quebec, where it is the official language. Other Francophones or French Canadian speakers can be found in Ontario, New Brunswick, Alberta, and British Columbia. There are also many of them in Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, and Prince Edward Island. Other territories with French Canadian speakers include Newfoundland & Labrador, Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut.

French - Canada accent voice overs

Because of geographical seclusion and British conquest, the Canadian French language has evolved into several dialects. They are distinct but related to each other, sharing some features that make them different from European French.The most common dialect is the Quebecois spoken by people from Quebec. The second most common is in Ontario, divided into North and South categories. The further north it is, the more closer the dialect is to Quebec French. Acadian French is a variation spoken by the Francophone Acadians from the Canadian Maritime provinces, the Magdalen Islands, and Saint John River Valley, north of Maine. Another dialect that combines Acadian French and English is Chiac, spoken in Moncton, New Brunswick. Newfoundland French is also a Canadian French dialect spoken by the people in the French colony in Newfoundland. Adding a French- Canada voice over sure adds a personal message in the Canadian marketplace.

French - Canada voice overs summary

French Canadians are fiercely proud of their unique cultural heritage – including their language. It’s not quite the same as the French spoken in France. In fact, pronunciation and language use differs quite dramatically. Your French Canadian voice over doesn’t just require someone who can speak French – it calls for the services of a local French Canadian.
A French Canadian can understand your English voice over, but it won’t necessarily appeal to them in the way that you want it to. BunnyStudio makes it easy for you to find the right voice talent for your voice over. Do you need someone who speaks French like a Canadian? Who could be better for the task than a genuine French Canadian!
You can pick and choose. What sort of voice do you want? What image do you want your voice over to create in the minds of listeners? We have professional voice actors who can deliver the perfect voice over for you.