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Hail the kingdom of bountiful schnitzels and string bean-long words. A prowess of trustworthy brands, Germany is a utopia for establishing business aspirations. But not without the help of an authentic Germany voice over to localize your ambitions!

German - Germany voice over info

German, or Deutsch, is sister to the English language, and the second most spoken tongue in Europe. Known to be the language of writers and thinkers, Deutsch holds the world record of 63 letters in a single word! Expressively poetic but notoriously challenging to learn, German grammar designates a feminine, masculine, or neutral genders for every noun.

Origin / History of German - Germany voice overs

Germany's Deutsch roots from the West Germanic group of Indo-European language ancestry, along with Frisian, English, and Dutch. Records dating back to the medieval era reveal that the Romans first came into contact with Germanic in the 1st century BCE. The modern High German, spoken today, is an evolution of regional dialects infused with cultural influences. Occurring in stages, the Old High German, Middle High German, Early New High German, were all part of the final standardized version of Deutsch spoken presently.

Countries that speak German - Germany

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Liechtenstein recognize Deutsch as an official language. Understandably, Germany is home to more than 80 million speakers, and Austria, approximately 8 million. Collectively more than 130 million people around the globe own the tongue. Countries such as France, Hungary, Russia, Romania, Vatican City, Slovakia, Denmark, Italy, Czech Republic, and Poland all recognize German as a minority language.

German - Germany accent voice overs

Nee or nein? There are about 250 German dialects worldwide! Today, they are grouped into the Upper, Central, and Lower German. Stemming from different geographical regions, dialects in Germany can so extensively differ that they sound unintelligible to Standard German speakers. Befuddled? A Germany voice over will be your best bet to reach the masses in the country.

Voice characteristics of the German - Germany language

Harsh, forceful, and guttural, German uses many hard consonants and bass sounds. Because of its historical stigma, Deutsch tends to leave an aggressive and jarring impression on foreign ears. But truth be told, German today is described as mellow and even pleasant.

Special pronunciation for German - Germany voice overs

Saying ice-skating, or 'das Schlittschuhlaufen' in Deutch, is an awkward mouthful! English and German are similar in intonations and stress patterns. But umlauts and guttural tones, pose quite a challenge for the novice tongue. For that reason, authentic German tends to be hard to emulate as a non-native speaker. Hiring a Germany voice over is always a safer choice for localization.

When to use a German - Germany voice over?

Germany is a notable leader of the European Union. Additionally, its economy ranks fourth in the world! Naturally, the country is a doorway of opportunities for business, investment, and trade. That said, the Germans dig dubbing! The preference of Germany voice over comes from the popular convenience of listening rather than reading subtitles. Go local to go global. We say the best way to enter the Deutschland market regardless of your sector, is to hire an authentic German voice over.

German - Germany voice overs summary

If you want to get your message across to the economically powerful and discerning German-speaking market, professional German voice overs are the answer. There’s more to voice overs than just getting the language right – you need a voice over artist who engages the listener – someone who people will love listening to.
You’ll also need native German voice actors who can convey image-appropriate voice overs. Do you want to come across as light-hearted and fun, or do you want a more serious, highly credible and business-like tone? Our German voice talent will know just how to interpret your script.
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