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Rich, musical, and pleasing – these words perfectly capture the beauty of the Hindi language. Hindi’s charm is not only for its rich literature but also for how melodious it sounds. Hindi’s warm tone is always lovely to listen to, and not to mention it’s easy to understand. A good Hindi voice over delivers all these positive qualities and more.

Hindi voice over info

Spoken Hindi sounds extremely pleasant to the ears. Whether it’s a voice over for an explainer video or prose, finding the right Hindi voice over talent is key. If you want success for your project, take advantage of the eloquence of expert Hindi voice over actors to deliver a message to your audience.

Origin / History of Hindi voice overs

Hindi is one of the many languages spoken in India, one of the few countries without a national language. However, the government’s official language is Hindi and English. Hindi is the most spoken or understood speech of Indians. Over 70% of Indians speak a language from the Indo-European language, but the Indian languages belong to a different sub-group. Indian languages belong to the Indo-Iranian languages, which form the subgroup of Indo-Aryan. Hindi is one of India’s many Indo-Aryan languages. It’s a modern Indo-Aryan language that is a descendant of Vedic Sanskrit, the country’s earliest speech. Vedic Sanskrit evolved to Classical Sanskrit, which then eventually changed to the Prakrit languages. The Apabhramsha dialects is a descendant of Prakrit, serving as lingua franca up to the 13th century AD. The Delhi Sultanate’s Persian rulers from 1206 to 1526 referred to the dialect as Hindavi. During that time, the Persian language began to mix with the Apabhramsha dialects that would later become Hindi (in India) and Urdu (in Pakistan).

Countries that speak Hindi

Hindi is the official language of India. It is also a minority language in the United Arab Emirates, and many other countries speak the language to some extent. Apart from India, other countries that speak Hindi include Nepal, Suriname, Mauritius, Trinidad and Tobago, Fiji, South Africa, and the United States.

Hindi accent voice overs

The question of Hindi dialects can be quite difficult because people tend to group almost all Indian languages under Hindi. In many instances, Maithili, Pahari, Bihari, and Rajasthani, among other Indian languages end up classified as Hindi. However, they are, in fact, separate languages.
Generally speaking, Hindi has two dialectical zones – Western Hindi and Eastern Hindi. Western Hindi is from the Shauraseni Prakrit (Apabhramsa form) with other dialects under it. Different accents in Western Hindi include Haryanvi from Haryana and Kannauji from the western and central Uttar Pradesh. Braj Bhasha is also a dialect of Western Hindu spoken mostly in western Uttar Pradesh and other parts of Haryana and Rajasthan. Lastly, there is Bundeli that the people of southwestern Uttar Pradesh, as well as central and west Madhya Pradesh spoke. On the other hand, Eastern Hindi evolved from Prakit’s Ardhamagadhi version. One of the accents under Eastern Hindi is Chhattishgarhi from the central and northern Chhattisgarh and southeast Madhya Pradesh. Awadi of the central and northern Uttar Pradesh, as well as Fiji, is also Eastern Hindi. Lastly, there’s Bagheli from the southeastern Uttar Pradesh, and the central and north Madhya Pradesh.

Hindi voice overs summary

Did you know that over 258 million people in India alone speak Hindi? In addition, it’s very close to Urdu, so that grows your audience by a few million more. If you take Hindi speakers around the world into consideration (and you should) you end up with a potential audience of over 400 million.
Getting a Hindi voice over is certainly an opportunity that can’t be overlooked. It’s a massive audience, and whether you’re into marketing or entertainment you’ll certainly get folks to sit up and take note when you’re using their native language.
Of course, that’s why you’re considering getting a professional Hindi voice over for your material and you’ve certainly come to the right place. Browse through our BunnyStudio database of Hindi voices or ask us to come up with a few recommendations based on your requirements.
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