Indonesian voice overs

Find the perfect Indonesian voice for your voice over project.

Indonesian is an important language spoken throughout the world. But if you want to sound authentic and exciting, then hiring a native Indonesian voice over actor is your best choice. Indonesian isn’t as easy to speak as English. So it is important to look for a professional in creating your Indonesia voice over.

Indonesian voice over info

It’s easy to think that there isn’t a big difference between an amateur and a professional voice-over. But if you don’t choose the ideal voice for your project, you can’t expect an impactful message. If it’s to conquer your Indonesian audience, the way to move forward is to employ the linguistic elegance of an Indonesian voice over.

Origin / History of Indonesian voice overs

Indonesian, or more specifically Bahasa Indonesia, is Indonesia’s official language. It is essentially the 20th-century version of Malay. One of the world’s most widely spoken languages, most Indonesians call it their mother tongue. At the same time, they speak at least one of the over 600 dialects in the country. Although it is the standard variety of Riau Malay, Indonesian isn’t precisely a Malay dialect. Instead, it’s more similar to the Classical Malay spoken in the Malaccan royal courts. The Indonesian language is relatively young compared to Malay, but that makes it quite fascinating.

Countries that speak Indonesian

Indonesian is the language of Indonesia, where more than 273 million people speak this language. However, many people from countries all over the world also speak the language. It is spoken in countries such as Saudi Arabia and the Netherlands. They also speak the language in Singapore, the Philippines, and the U.S.A.

Indonesian accent voice overs

All in all, there are 652 regional languages in Indonesia. Most of them are from Papua Province, which has 400 dialects. Of the many Indonesian dialects, the most popular include Javanese, Sundanese, Minangkabau, Musi, Madurese, Aceh, Banjar, Bugis, Betawi, and Balinese. What’s most impressive is each dialect also has different levels, a testament to their diversity. The Indonesian language is also one of the most interesting languages out there. Spelling Indonesian words are quite easy, thanks to it being quite standardized. However, speaking is a different case. Practice can help you achieve a better Indonesian accent.

Voice characteristics of the Indonesian language

One of the most crucial voice characteristics of an Indonesian voice over is that it isn’t too soft or too rough. According to many experts, Indonesian sounds a lot like the Tagalog, Italian, or Spanish language. It’s likely because Indonesian words are pronounced as spelled out. It sounds a lot like Malay, but with a different accentuation and vocabulary.

Special pronunciation for Indonesian voice overs

The Indonesian language is phonetic with almost no exception when it comes to its pronunciation rules. It means you speak the Indonesian alphabet nearly the same way as the Dutch do. The simplicity of the pronunciation and structure of Indonesian is one of the reasons an Indonesian voice over is in demand.

Indonesian voice overs summary

Did you know that over 700 languages are spoken in Indonesia? Luckily, most people there understand the official language, Indonesian. The locals call it Bahasa Indonesia and you’ll reach millions with an Indonesian voice over that matches the professionalism of your work.
The Indonesian archipelago has been a major trade zone since the 7th century and continues to make its presence as one of the world’s largest economic powers felt to this day. There are literally hundreds of millions of Indonesians waiting for your audio visual material – how long will you wait for an Indonesian voice over?
You can have the voice over you need in a matter of hours, so it’s up to you. Choose a professional Indonesian voice actor and make it up to us. We’ll even translate your script for you. Choose BunnyStudio and get the perfectly recorded voice over that opens doors for you in Indonesia.