Italian voice overs

Find the perfect Italian voice for your voice over project.

Italian is definitely one of the top dogs when we think of an upbeat, seductive, romantic language with charm and zest. An Italian voice over is a surefire way to immediately bring that 'cool' factor into your projects.

Italian voice over info

Italian is an excellent exponent of elegance, effusiveness, and and immediately recognizable style. It's friendly, warm, conversational, and has a varied and deep history that is reflected in its many accents and dialects. An Italian voice over is the ideal way to leverage this storied identity to elevate your projects into something truly special.

Origin / History of Italian voice overs

The story of Italian stretches back into the millennia. It is a descendant of Vulgar Latin — widely spoken across the Roman Empire — mixed with Sardinian. What is now recognized as standard italian has a strong influence of the Tuscan poets of the 12th century, but early traces of Italian go as far back as the 8th century. Italy was not unified at first, but actually a collection of regional city-states. That's why each had a very distinct accent or dialect. Today, various versions of these regional Italian dialects continue to exist. Italian, has a whole, is indeed a varied collection of dialects with a common history that stretches from north to south of the Italian Peninsula.

Countries that speak Italian

Italian is the official language of Italy, of course, but it's also spoken elsewhere. It is also one of the official languages of Switzerland, has an official minority status in parts of Eastern Europe, and prevalence in parts Greece. It's also spoken by many expat communities in the Americas and Australia. It is spoken by 67 million people in the European Union, with over 13 million that know it as a second language. The total tally of speakers worldwide is estimated at around 85 million.

Italian accent voice overs

Owing to its varied, long history and the tendency of cities to have been city-states, Italy has many regional accents with differences both big and small. Around 34 dialects coexist in Italy at the moment, though many have enough particular attributes to qualify as languages in their own right. Varieties like Tuscan, Sicilian, Neapolitan, Roman, Venetian, are all pretty different from each other. The Florentine dialect is the most well-known version of Italian.

Voice characteristics of the Italian language

Italian is generally recognized as a clear, intelligible language with an upbeat, vivacious tone. An Italian voice over can make the characteristics of this rich language pop for amazing results.

Special pronunciation for Italian voice overs

Pronunciation varies according to the region, but Italian is generally regarded as having an open-vowel sound that is very relaxed.

When to use a Italian voice over?

You can use an Italian voice over for pretty much everything. Whether you're going for that immediate 'cool' factor, or a more elegant, subdued tone. Or you can go all-in with a full gesticulating, effusive Italian character that is equal parts well-meaning cliche and loving tribute. The only limit is your imagination, and the toolbox of your chosen performer.

Italian voice overs summary

Italian is certainly a powerful and expressive language – and it’s spoken in more countries than just Italy. In Switzerland and San Marino, Italian is widely spoken and there are minority and expatriate communities of Italians all over the world. An Italian voice over can really go a long way.
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