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Japanese is the perfect exponent of a language that sounds authoritative, decisive, intelligent, classy, and a perfect mix of tradition and modernity. A Japanese voice over can bring all of these virtues into the perfect performance your project needs.

Japanese voice over info

If there's one language that combines a long, millennia-spanning history with a living connection to our modern times, it's Japanese. A Japanese voice over is an easy way to bring a listener into the magic of Japanese culture, as well as create many interesting characters that leverage its amazing traditions, and embrace of cutting-edge innovation.

Origin / History of Japanese voice overs

Little is known about the very beginnings of the Japanese language. While there are some Chinese texts with Japanese words that date as far back as the 3rd century, substantial texts didn't appear until the 8th. Chinese had a major influence in the structure and vocabulary of Old Japanese. Over its long history, Japanese started developing a more individualized structure, and started taking loanwords from European languages starting around the 13th century. The standard dialect slowly moved from Kansai to what is today the Tokyo region. Over time the Japanese language adopted many words from English in particular.

Countries that speak Japanese

Japan is currently home to around 126 million people, all of whom speak it primarily. In total, though, it's estimated than more than 130 million people worldwide speak Japanese, making it one of the most widely spoken languages. There are significant Japanese diasporas and communities around the planet.

Japanese accent voice overs

Japan is an island nation with 8 traditional regions. The dialects of Japan are traditionally divided between Eastern and Western. The dialects of Kyushu and Hachijo are the most divergent branches. Then, there are the dialects of the Okinawan Prefecture, which are part of the Ryukyuan languages, and not Japanese as traditionally understood. Standard Japanese is the most well-known dialect.

Voice characteristics of the Japanese language

Japanese is known for its syllabic sounds (reflected also in its writing style), deliberate tone. The pronunciation of each syllable is clear, precise, and methodical. Since it's a language based mostly on honorifics and context, the deliberateness is intentional.

Special pronunciation for Japanese voice overs

Pronunciation varies according to the region. Generally, the Standard Japanese pronunciation is preferred for various media, as it's got the most cross-region discernibility and general appeal.

When to use a Japanese voice over?

Japanese is a very varied language that can accommodate many performance styles. While generally, Japanese voice acting is very methodical and rooted in certain performance tropes, Japanese has an enormous range that can convey as many differnent realities as you can imagine. If, though, you want to touch on the more traditional Japanese values and ideas, you can't go wrong.

Other info for Japanese voice overs

Japanese voice actors (Seiyuu) have their own academies and train in many skills to become certified. In Japan, it's a very well-respected profession.

Japanese voice overs summary

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