Persian (Farsi) voice overs

Find the perfect Persian (Farsi) voice for your voice over project.

Known as “the French of Asia,” you can’t deny that a Farsi voice over is music to the ears. With such a beautifully soft tone that sounds regal and majestic, no wonder it’s also called the “tongue of Emperors.”

Persian (Farsi) voice over info

With how cool and soft this language sounds, a Farsi voice over can do wonders for your project. Whether it’s an explainer video, a product video, or a motion graphic, you need the best voice over to capture your viewers’ attention. Skilled Persian voice-over talents can lend you their Farsi voices that can result in a quality output that exceeds your expectations.

Origin / History of Persian (Farsi) voice overs

Farsi is the Persian language belonging to the Indo-Iranian branch of the Indo-European language family. Modern Persian is most related to the two ancient languages of Fārs and Persia, a region in southwestern Iran. That’s why the Persian language is mostly known by the name Farsi. Farsi is the language of the Farsa people of Iran who ruled the region between 550 to 330 BCE. In the ancient days, the Persian Empire spoke this language as well as others from India, Russia, Egypt and Mediterranean. It evolved over the centuries to its modern form, and though it retained its name, it has many loanwords of Arabic origin. The Persian language evolved first from Old Persian, the words used by the original Farsa tribe. From the Old Persian, it developed into Middle Persian, the language known during the Sasanian era as Pahlavi. Next is the Classical Persian, with an unclear origin although most of its words come from Farsi. The Modern Persian language spoken today evolved from Old Persian, Middle Persian, and Classical Persian. However, it consists of many non-Iranian words, especially modern technical terms. It incorporated English, German, and French words. It is Arabic, however, that replaced many original Farsi words from today’s Persian language.

Countries that speak Persian (Farsi)

Over a hundred million people speak the Persian language. Most of them are in Iran, the country where it originated. Other Farsi-speaking countries include Iraq, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Russia. In some of these countries, they even have official names for Farsi. For instance, there’s Tajik in Tajikistan and Dari in Afghanistan.

Persian (Farsi) accent voice overs

Modern Persian has three standard varieties – Iranian Persian, Eastern Persian, and Tajik Persian. As you can probably guess, Iranian Persian is what people in Iran use. Some minorities in the Persian Gulf states and Iraq also speak this language. On the other hand, Eastern Persian is what they call the version of Farsi in Afghanistan. Tajik Persian is what the people of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan use. Each variety also has local dialects that are a bit different than standard Farsi. There’s Herati (Western Afghanistan), Hazaragi (Central Pakistan and Afghanistan), Tehrani (Iran) and Darwazi (Tajikistan and Afghanistan).

Persian (Farsi) voice overs summary

Persian or ‘Farsi’ is an undeniably beautiful language. The simplest statement in Farsi is musical and mellifluous. When you hear Farsi, you may well find yourself wishing you could speak it too. Perfect Persian voice overs for your advertisement, video or presentation might sound like a tall order, but BunnyStudio makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. Wonderful women’s voices, rich male voices and even cartoon voices can complement your work and help you ensure that your message isn’t lost in the translation. What’s more, your voice over opens up a market of 40 million Farsi speakers in Iran and Afghanistan. Suddenly, they know exactly what you’re talking about and they’ll listen with interest. Whether you’re aiming to entertain, inform or persuade, we’ll help you to find the perfect Persian voice over to suit your needs. As they say in Farsi: ‘?? ???? ???? ????’ (One language is never enough)!