Portuguese - Brazil voice overs

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Jovial, happy-go-lucky, sexy and fun. These words just scratch the surface of what Portuguese - Brazil is all about. With a lovely warm tone, it's definitely a major contender for the title of 'The language of love.'

Portuguese - Brazil voice over info

Samba, packed soccer stadiums, endless sunny beaches, and the intense burst of fun that is Carnaval: all of these come to mind when thinking about Brazil. For sure, any Portuguese - Brazil voice over will help you bring in that happy-go-lucky spirit to your projects. If you're looking for a cultural identity that's practally synonymous with a laid-back, sincere, welcoming attitude, you're in the right place.

Origin / History of Portuguese - Brazil voice overs

Brazilian Portuguese has a long, rich history that spans back as far as the 16th century, when the first Portuguese immigrants settled in the region. Over time, a mixture of differente cultural and racial influences led to it having its own defined identity. The rich combination of Amerindian and African immigrant languages with Portuguese produced a unique sound that is now spoken by an overwhelming majority of Brazilians.

Countries that speak Portuguese - Brazil

Brazil is an extremely big country with over 209 million inhabitants — the largest population in Latin America. With its huge territory and melting pot of racial, ethnic, and cultural influences, a Portuguese - Brazil voice over embodies an enormous, multifaceted range of identities. From the Amazon to the South Atlantic, there's a lot to cover.

Portuguese - Brazil accent voice overs

With its enormous size, there are plenty of accents that convey different regional identities in Brazil. From Southern Brazil, Rio, Bahia to São Paulo, a Portuguese - Brazil voice over is so much more than the Carioca identity. Some other very popular accents are from Rio de Janeiro, Gaucho, and Bahian. There's plenty to know and love about Brazil, and no one-size-fits-all accent.

Voice characteristics of the Portuguese - Brazil language

A Portuguese - Brazilian voice over will differ greatly from its European counterpart. With a more open, warmer sound, the most common association is a friendly, sunny inflection that sounds immediately approachable and relatable. It is also commongly regarded as the easiest form of Portuguese to understand, although your mileage may vary with less run-of-the-mill regional variants.

When to use a Portuguese - Brazil voice over?

The sky's really the limit for a Portuguese - Brazil voice over. The first thing that comes to mind is friendly, welcoming faces and an endless summer. This accent is definitely for you if you need a voice to convey an instant connection that puts you in a good mood. But its charms don't just end in well-trod cliches, and it can also convey any imaginable varieties of cultural, social, and gender identities.

Portuguese - Brazil voice overs summary

There’s more to Brazilians than their love of football, great coffee and the outstretched arms of the magnificent ‘Christ the Redeemer’ statue. They have one of the largest market economies in the world. Going global with your message means that you need to take it to Brazil and for that, you’ll need a Brazilian voice over.
To say that Brazilians speak Portuguese would be an over-simplification. They have their own unique way of speaking the language. Even if your voice over is already in Portuguese, you still need a Brazilian Portuguese voice over.
99% of the people in Brazil speak Brazilian Portuguese, so you can be sure of getting your message across. At BunnyStudio, we only use local voices because we know that locals will bring your message home perfectly. It’s so easy! Just choose the voices you like best. We have all kinds of Brazilian voices in our selection of Brazilian voice actors. Now sit back and relax. We’ll do the rest.