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Need to be understood in the 6th most spoken language in the World? Then you definitely need an artist or atrists that can give you the best in Portugese - Portugal voice over. It is the language that has a number of variants, but the original Portugese from is source would certainly be understood in lingua portugesa speaking part of the world.

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Portugese is the language that has a number of variants, but the original Portugese, spoken in the country on the Iberian penninsula and its diaspora in other parts of Europe, from its source would certainly be understood in lingua portugesa, or Lusophone speaking part of the world. Portugese is actually the fastest-growing European language after English. Actually, English has borrowed a number of words from Portugese, like 'embarass', 'fetish', and 'cobra'.

Origin / History of Portuguese - Portugal voice overs

Like a number of European languages, Portuguese traces its roots back to Latin, which was spread through the Iberian peninsula by the Roman Empire. From these roots, Old Galician gradually evolved, a language which would eventually become modern Portuguese. The modern era of the Portugese language spoken in Portugal came with the reformed Portuguese orthography (nova ortografia), in which words were spelled more in accordance with their pronunciation, was adopted is Portugal in 1916.

Countries that speak Portuguese - Portugal

Portugese is the sole official language of Portugal, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Angola and São Tome and Prencipe. It also has co-official language status in East Timor, Equatorial Guinea and Macau. It is spoken by approximately 10 million people in Portugal itself. Brazil has the largest population of native speakers, with over 205 million Portuguese speakers. Mozambique and Angola both have around 25 million speakers.

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Many uninitiated speakers compare the differences between Portugese spoken i Portugal and Portugese spoken in Brazil as the one beween British and American English, but the differences between the two versions of Portugese are somewhat greater. The main difference comes in the use of the second-person pronoun. In Portugal, tu and vós are commonly used, while these (especially the latter) are rarely heard in Brazil, which favors the pronouns você and vocês. While the differences between Portugal Portugese and its versions elsewhere in the world are not so pronounced, they do exist.

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Modern Standard European Portuguese (português padrão or português continental) is based on the Portuguese spoken in the area including and surrounding the cities of Coimbra and Lisbon, in central Portugal. Voice characteristics of Portugese stem from the fact that each verb tense has six different conjugations for a variety of pronouns. As an example, the English verb “to write” has two conjugations in the present tense—I/you/we/they write, he/she/it writes. However, the equivalent verb in Portuguese would be conjugated as follows: eu escrevo, tu escreves, ele/ela/você escreve, nós escrevemos, vós escreveis, elas/eles/vocês escrevem. Another specific can arise from the fact that until 2009, Portugese alphabet had only 23 letters. That year, letters k w and y were added to the alphabet in all official versions of Portugese.

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To be eligible for Portugese citizenship, a potntial requester has to pass the mandatory The CIPLE Portuguese proficiency test. There a potential vocal training courses would essentially have to be in Portugal Portugese.

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Portugal, or the Portuguese Republic, has a history dating back to prehistoric times. It is the westernmost country in mainland Europe and essentially lead the Age of Discovery and the start of European exploration and colonization around the world. The Portuguese language was born in Portugal before spreading to other countries like Brazil, Mozambique, and Angola. With a population of just over ten million, the Portuguese accent is typically overshadowed by the Brazilian-Portuguese accent. For a Brazilian, imitating a proper Portuguese accent is incredibly challenging and should be left to an actual Portuguese person. If you are looking for a Portuguese from Portugal accent for your voice over, we have you covered. Although the accents vary from Lisbon to Porto, everyone from Portugal will know immediately if a Brazilian is trying to put on a Portuguese accent. For your project, hiring a Portuguese voice over artist is the way to go to ensure a quality and genuine recording.