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Sweet or rough – two words you can best describe the Punjabi language. Many say it tends to sound rough and hard. While correct in some rural areas, those who live in the city speak in a Punjabi accent with a warm, soft tone.Punjabi is a native tongue with a rich history and a Punjabi voice over brings out the best in the language..

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If it's to reach out to your Punjabi audience, you can rely on the best Punjabi voice-over talents to deliver your message. Professional Punjabi voice actors ensure your explainer video or audiobook captures your listener's attention with their musical voice. Whether it's a high baritone or a neutral tone, Punjabi voice-over artists know how to make your project stand out.

Origin / History of Punjabi voice overs

The Punjabi language belongs to one of the four major language families in India – the Indo-European languages. More specifically, it is an Indo-Aryan language known as the world's tenth most spoken language. The Indo-Aryan languages, called 'Indic' languages are a part of the Indo-Iranian branch of the Indo-European language family.According to linguists, the languages within the Indic family evolved through three main stages – Sanskrit or Old Indo-Aryan, Middle Indo-Aryan (Prakrit and Apabhramsha), and the Modern Indo-Aryan. The Sanskrit language was the language used in creating the Hindu sacred texts 'Vedas' back in 1500 BC or so. In the second stage of the Middle Indo-Aryan languages, the first stage was represented by 'Prakrit' in the 3rd century BC to 4th century AD. In the latest stage, Apabhramsha became the prominent language until it transitioned to the Modern Indo-Aryan languages from the 6th to 15th century. Punjabi evolved from the Shauraseni Prakrit language of medieval northern India.During the 3rd to 10th centuries, Punjabi was used mainly in plays and dramas. Around the 11th century, Punjabi developed from the Apabhramsha and Shauraseni Prakrit languages. The pre-Indo-Aryan languages also had some influences in Punjabi's evolution. As a tonal language, the best Punjabi voice-over talents showcase a uniqueness in the way they spoke.

Countries that speak Punjabi

Punjabi is one of the many languages of India, spoken mainly by those from the province of Punjab. Besides India, a large number of people speak Punjabi in the Punjab provide of Pakistan. Both regions are part of a territory divided between the two countries. You will find Punjabi-speaking communities throughout the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States. There are also many of them in South Africa, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, and other countries around the world.

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There are numerous dialects of Punjabi. In India, Punjabi dialects include Malwai, Majhi, Doabi, and Powadhi, which have some Hindi or Sanskrit influence. On the other hand, Punjabi dialects in Pakistan include Hindko, Multani, Pothohari, and Majhi. The regional Sindhi language has some impact in these accents.Out of the different Punjabi dialects, Majhi is standard in both countries. Punjabi borrows mainly from Hindi, Urdu, Pakistan, and English. However, there are also Dutch and Spanish loanwords in Modern Punjabi. Punjabi is becoming more modernized these days thanks to Punjabi songs famous in Bollywood movies. It certainly makes Punjabi voice-overs popular as well.

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