Spanish - Argentina voice overs

Find the perfect Spanish - Argentina voice for your voice over project.

A jovial, elegant dialect that is equal parts refined, streetwise and sexy. A Spanish - Argentina voice over is a great way to convey a unique combination of charm and swagger that is sure to delight listeners.

Spanish - Argentina voice over info

From the banks of the Rio de La Plata all the way to the endless Andes, Argentina has accrued a massive cultural legacy and history. A Spanish - Argentina voice over leverages rich Italian and Spanish roots with a decidedly Latin flair for a blend that is both intoxicating, loquacious, and ellegant. Argentines sport a boastful, intelligent pedigree and a reputation for competitiveness both on and off the soccer pitch. Their Spanish is simply like no other, and an ideal choice if you're looking to bring that uniqueness, clarity, and wit into your projects.

Origin / History of Spanish - Argentina voice overs

Rioplatense Spanish got its start during the first Spanish settlements in the region in the late 1770s. As time went on, it acquired its own identity owing to the melting pot of European and Amerindian influence. As it stands, it combines an intonation most common to Southern Italian and its own slang that singles it out as one the most distinctive varieties of Spanish out there.

Countries that speak Spanish - Argentina

The nearly 45 million Argentineans speak this language. Many Uruguayans (both in and out of Uruguay, as many live in Argentina) speak a variety of Rioplatense Spanish that is very close to Argentinian.

Spanish - Argentina accent voice overs

Argentina is on of the biggest countries in Latin America, extending far and wide, and also into the Southern reaches of the world. With 23 provinces, there are many varieties of Argentinan Spanish out there. If you're looking to have the right Spanish - Argentina voice over, it's not the same to have an accent from the City of Buenos Aires than one from the Cordoba region, which has an extremely idiosyncratic, sing-song quality. While the Porteño accent is taken as the standard, there are as many varieties as there are regions.

Voice characteristics of the Spanish - Argentina language

Argentinian Spanish is well-known for being clear and precise. Its intelligibility is also matched by a suave, elegant tone that carries the smooth-talking enunciation of Tango singers and cafe intellectuals.

Special pronunciation for Spanish - Argentina voice overs

With a distinct style that's closer to Italian than any variety of Spanish out there, this accent is known for its 'sh' sounds for the 'y' consonant, and its informal-sounding 'voseo' instead of the common 'tú' Spanish form.

When to use a Spanish - Argentina voice over?

This accent can really be used for anything, as it has unique modifications that carry an inherent street-cred, or the seductive, deliberate tone most associated with an intellectual aristocrat. A Spanish - Argentina voice over can be used to convey the comraderie of soccer-culture drinking buddies, maverick creatives, romantic intellectuals, and sexy crooners.

Spanish - Argentina voice overs summary

The ability to speak Spanish and dance the Tango aren’t the only tricks you’ll need if you’d like to get along with the citizens of Buenos Aires. The regional dialect that’s spoken in Buenos Aires even differs from the Spanish that’s spoken in other parts of the country. Conveying your special message to the citizens of this lively capital requires a local voice over.
The special brand of Spanish that marks a citizen of Buenos Aires is called Rioplatnese Spanish. It was influenced by Italian immigrants and today, there’s no other regional dialect quite like it. Fortunately, you don’t need to look any further for your voice over in Rioplatnese Spanish. BunnyStudio has 100,000 voice actors from around the world and of course, we have voice actors in Buenos Aires too.
Focus on practicing the Tango while we record your voice over. You won’t have time to learn a whole lot of moves – within hours, your perfectly synched voice over arrives. Nothing could be easier!