Spanish - Latin American Neutral voice overs

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Latin America is a big place. With so many countries and such a massive population, which Spanish are we to use in our content? For some time now, Latin American Neutral Spanish has been the way to go. Originally developed in Mexico City, it’s a Spanish for lots of different content.

Spanish - Latin American Neutral voice over info

Latin America is a vast landmass. Here’s where Latin American Neutral Spanish comes in. It’s the best way to craft content for the majority of Latin America and be understood. Such a voice over is really the surest way to communicate to audiences across several Spanish-speaking countries.

Origin / History of Spanish - Latin American Neutral voice overs

Latin American Neutral is an interesting subject. Content comes to Latin America and needs to be translated and dubbed. The question then is, which Spanish to use for a Latin American audience as a whole? That’s where the use of Latin American Neutral comes in, as a solution when the need for an understandable version of Spanish arose. Dubbing in Mexico demanded an easily understandable form of Spanish. At first, such a form was Mexican Spanish, though it's fair to say that Latin American Neutral voice has since become a bit more independent from its parent language.

Countries that speak Spanish - Latin American Neutral

Initially, Latin American Neutral came from Mexico, more specifically, from Central Mexico, Mexico City to be precise. There is some Latin American Neutral dubbing being done in places such as Bogotá, Colombia too. Lima, Peru is sometimes taken to have a neutral Spanish as well. To be fair though, even this Bogotá Spanish or Lima Spanish dubbing now tries to imitate some of the characteristics of Latin American Neutral created in Mexico. It’s not unusual for Colombian actors working in Mexican productions to have to alter their accent slightly, to mimic that Neutral Spanish.

Spanish - Latin American Neutral accent voice overs

As mentioned, the idea with Latin American Neutral Spanish is to serve as a means of communication for the whole of Latin America. This means that although the origin of this version of Spanish may very well be Central Mexico, its reach is vast and wide.

Voice characteristics of the Spanish - Latin American Neutral language

How best to describe Latin American Neutral? Well, it’s not easy. There are great similarities with Mexico City Spanish. It would be imprecise though, to say that it’s just Mexico City Spanish.
For one, there is a great emphasis on pronunciation. Consonants are fully enunciated, whilst vowels are crispy but curtly voiced. Intonations are subdued, and thus not specific to any one location in regional Mexico. Also, and quite crucially, only the forms of ‘tu’ and ‘usted’ are used and the ‘vos’ form is not.
Evidently the words themselves are usually quite formal. Very location-specific jargon is avoided. Likewise, the idea is to render the translation and dubbing in a neutral form without too specific slang.

When to use a Spanish - Latin American Neutral voice over?

This type of Spanish is used in a great amount of content. The thing is that there is a great amount of content coming to Latin America and it has to be translated and dubbed. Latin American Neutral is the voice to use. With such a voice over, audiences throughout Latin America will be able to understand.

Spanish - Latin American Neutral voice overs summary

There are 19 Spanish speaking countries across Central and South America. This is a huge market! Each and every country has its own dialect with its own regional slang. Even though there are small differences, communication between this vast land mass and multiple borders can be done with ease. If your project needs a professional Spanish voice over that is neutral across all of Latin America, you have come to the right place. A neutral Spanish voice over can help take your project to the next level. By speaking in a professional, neutral manner, the Latin American voice over artist will make sure that Spanish speakers from Mexico all the way down to Argentina will understand every word in the script. This way, the population of half a billion Spanish speakers will be able to hear your project clearly so that you’re not limited to just one or two countries. Our vast database makes it easy for you to find the perfect, professional Latin American neutral voice over artist.