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A massive country, and a content and dubbing powerhouse. Mexican Spanish spans several different accents. More often than not, however, when we talk about Mexican Spanish we refer to Central Mexico or Mexico City Spanish.

Spanish - Mexico voice over info

Mexico is a vast landmass with a plethora of accents. Perhaps the most distinctive though, is Mexico City Spanish, which, incidentally, is used in a vast amount of content in Mexico and throughout Latin countries. When crafting content, the challenge is deciding if we really need a regional accent or if our content will be well served by Central Mexico accent (usually named Mexico neutral accent).

Origin / History of Spanish - Mexico voice overs

The Spanish language was brought to Mexico by Spain, beginning in 1519. There, it went through many iterations, yielding the array of accents and variations throughout the country itself. Because the country is so large it was inevitable that many accents were created. As Mexico City, in turn, grew, its influence in broadcasting started to loom large. Its particular accent became a somewhat mainstream form to use in a lot of content.

Countries that speak Spanish - Mexico

Mexican Spanish is obviously most prevalent in Mexico. However, this doesn’t tell the whole story. When we talk about Mexican Spanish, we’ll usually be talking about Central Mexican Spanish, that is, Mexico City Spanish. This Spanish may very well be used in content for other countries and populations in Latin America, without much of a problem.

Spanish - Mexico accent voice overs

Mexico is a vast country. There are a many accents all around. The most basic distinction could be something as follows: Northern, Western, Central (including Mexico City), Southern, Coastal (spanning both oceans), Chiapas, Yucatán.
It usually happens that such distinctions don’t tell the whole story. Some observers will divide Northern, for instance, into Northern, Northwestern, Northern Peninsular (Baja California and Baja California Sur). Even that division doesn’t tell the whole story.
It’s quite convoluted and controversial to try to divide the country into accents. Perhaps that’s why what is called ‘Mexican Neutral’ accent has become so important.

Voice characteristics of the Spanish - Mexico language

It’s tricky to describe Mexican Neutral voice. Perhaps a good explanation is that its consonants are fully pronounced, creating a certain cadence that is immediately recognizable. Tonalities are subdued, to the point where the voice, although certainly not monotone, does shed some of the high and low intonations of other regions.

When to use a Spanish - Mexico voice over?

Most dubbing for Latin American audiences is done in Mexico. That’s why Mexico voice over is immediately recognizable for many people in Latin America. Consequently, when it comes to Mexico Neutral uses, there are many examples, perhaps too numerous to mention.
A great example of the richness of Mexican accents is ‘Don Gato y su Pandilla’ (the Spanish version of ‘Top Cat’). ‘Cucho’, for instance, (‘Choo Choo’ in the original) had a very marked Yucatán (properly called Yucateco) accent. The other cats, had other Mexican accents as well.
For the most part, we’ll want to use Mexico neutral in our content. That’s basically Mexico City accent. Some people describe this type of Spanish as coming from Central Mexico. And, really, it's a quite subdued and even formal version at that.

Spanish - Mexico voice overs summary

Did you know that Mexico has more Spanish speaking people than any other country in the world? Nearly one third of all Spanish speaking people are found in Mexico. You won’t sound like a local with generic Spanish. What you need is Español Mexicano and that’s just what you get with a local voice over talent from BunnyStudio.
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