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One of the many Spanish languages in the world, Peruvian Spanish is quite different when it comes to accent, pronunciation, and lexicon. Intonation runs flat in Peruvian Spanish with its slow, unique rhythm, particularly the regional dialects. Peruvians speak at a slow pace in a somewhat melodic version of Spanish that’s easy to understand.

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With Peru dubbed as “The Richest Country in the World,” it’s not a surprise if you’re thinking of reaching out to the country’s massive audience. In that case, you need skilled Spanish-Peru voice over talents to dub over your visual projects. Videos are an effortless way to reach out to viewers in Peru. Together with a reliable Spanish-Peru voice over service, you can receive high-quality work.

Origin / History of Spanish - Peru voice overs

It was in 1532 when the Spanish language came to Peru. Around the colonial and early republican times, Peruvians spoke conversational Spanish on the coast. The same language was also used in the highland cities known for their strong local features. Around that time, people were more in favor of dialects than the standard language. As a result of this, urban Peruvians speak with more or less the same pronunciation. Although Peruvian Spanish slowly became the everyday speech used by Peruvians, indigenous languages still have traces left. However, other indigenous languages were lost, such as Arequipa dialect, Loncco, although some elders still know it. Until around the mid-20th century, Quechua (another indigenous language) was still used in most of the highland. Having moved to regional capitals, being discriminated against for their dialect, and the growth of mass media led to linguistic reconfiguration. In the end, Peru’s primary language shifted to Spanish. The people who moved from the urban areas adopted the cities’ standardized dialect.

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Peruvian Spanish is not exactly a standard language, but a family of Spanish language dialects spoken in Peru. They are dialects that evolved from the Spanish language brought to the country by Spanish conquistadors. Most people in Peru speak Spanish with slight variations depending on where you are. Peru is also home to several indigenous tongues.

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Peruvians spoke four main varieties of Spanish, depending on the region. Throughout Peru, people spoke Andean Spanish, Coastal Spanish, Amazonic Spanish, and Andean-Coastal Spanish. Andean Spanish is the dialect most common in the Andes, specifically in rural areas. It has many similarities to the standard dialect of Bolivia and Ecuador. Coastal Spanish is the Peruvian Spanish spoken throughout the coast. It’s known as one of the “purest” dialects in coastal Latin America. There’s Amazonic Spanish – unique with distinctive tonal structure thanks to the influence of Amazonian languages. Lastly, there’s Andean-Coastal Spanish spoken mostly in the upskirts of the city. Peruvian Spanish is distinctive from European Spanish, which makes a Spanish-Peru voice over essentially different than a Spanish one.

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Magnificent cathedrals, breath taking remains of ancient civilisations and the Amazon jungle with the Amazon River meandering through all its verdant glory epitomise Peru. The 29.5 million inhabitants of the country speak Spanish and they’ve got their own special slang as well as an attractive local accent.
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