Spanish - Venezuela voice overs

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A Spanish - Venezuela voice over is exactly what you're after if you're looking for an open, flexible, friendly Spanish sound. It may just be what your project needs!

Spanish - Venezuela voice over info

Venezuela is on the Northern Coast of South America, and its Spanish reflects the sunny, warm, happy-go-lucky tone of the best Caribbean traditions. With its own twist and slang on the well-known Castillian, a Spanish - Venezuela voice over can imbue a performance with plenty charm, joy, optimism, and a very contagious playful spirit!

Origin / History of Spanish - Venezuela voice overs

There are forty languages spoken in Venezuela, but the vast majority of its inhabitants speak their own brand of Castillian. The cultural permanence of language families like Arawak and the Caribbean languages produces a unique syncretism that, along with Spanish, leads to something that sounds like its own thing. But, as with many Latin American countries, Spanish was first introduced by colonists, most of who were Galician, Basque, or Andalusian. Later, there was a significant influence from German, Italian, and Portoguese settlements. Of course, the enormous influence of Africa cannot be understated. The well-known word 'chevere' ('excellent') has a West African origin!

Countries that speak Spanish - Venezuela

Venezuelan Spanish is currently spoken by the nearly 30 million Venezuelans in the country.

Spanish - Venezuela accent voice overs

As with all countries of a certain size, there are many regional variations of Venezuelan Spanish. The one that's maybe the most well-known accent outside of Venezuela is the Central dialect, which is common of cities like Caracas, La Guaira, Los Teques, and Valencia, among others. Then, there's the Andean accent, which is closer to the border with Colombia. The Guaro, or Larense dialect has some word endings that are closer to old Spanish. Then, there's the Llanero dialect spoken in the plains and, finally, the Margaritan dialect spoken in Isla Margarita, to the the northeast of the mainland.

Voice characteristics of the Spanish - Venezuela language

Venezuelan Spanish often shortens words (like 'para' to 'pa'), and consequently ends up sounding more informal and loose for many speakers of other dialects of Spanish. It also tends to have a brighter, more upbeat sound, with plenty of Italianisms. Another important characteristic is the use of 'voseo', which is also a feature of Spanish variants like Rioplatense (Argentina, Uruguay), and some countries in Central America. Another very common feature is the finalization of words with -ico or -ica, which is in the diminitive, and also adds to the charm and the informal nature of Venezuelan slang.

When to use a Spanish - Venezuela voice over?

A Spanish - Venezuela voice over is a fine addition to any project that needs an upbeat, loose narrator that immediately conveys an aura of friendliness and approachability. Of course, there are many ways to play around with this dialect. As with anything, the only limit is your imagination, and the particular skills of your chosen performer!

Spanish - Venezuela voice overs summary

From the busy metropolis of Caracas to the towering heights of the Andes, Venezuela is a country filled with possibilities, adventures and opportunities. The largely Spanish speaking population has its own national identity and regional accent. Over 28.5 million Venezuelans are waiting to hear what you have to say and the best way to capture their attention is with a professional voice over that features local voice talent.
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