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Swedish is a beautiful, nuanced language, with a rynthm and intonation that's as unique as endearing. A Swedish voice over can bring this integral part of Nordic culture into your projects.

Swedish voice over info

Swedish is one of the most well-known Scandinavian languages out there. Even though not many people speak it outside of its native Sweden, it has a huge influence in its region, and a wonderful history that spans back many generations, even millennia, and dates back to Old Norse languages. Some immediately recognizable aspects to outsiders are its guttural Rs and a certain melodic, high-pitched quality that's entrancing to non-natives. If you're looking to bring those qualities into your project, you're in luck, as a Swedish voice over is just what the doctor ordered.

Origin / History of Swedish voice overs

Swedish goes back a long, long way. In the 8th century, Proto Norse evolved into Old Norse, which divided into East and West versions. The East version forms the basis of what is now spoken through Sweden and Denmark. While they share many similarities, by the mid-1200s the dialects of these two territories had diverged even more. In Sweden, by this time they were using what's now referred to as Old Swedish. By the time of the printing press, the language had evolved to Modern Swedish. Finally, the late 19th century brought a simpler, more democratized form that's the Contemporary Swedish now in use.

Countries that speak Swedish

Swedish is spoken mostly in Sweden by its ten million inhabitantas, although it is understood widely by many Scandinavians. Sweden has about ten million inhabitants, and it's estimated that around 10.5 million people speak Swedish worldwide.

Swedish accent voice overs

There are several dialects of Swedish that vary depending on their region of provenance. There is no Standard Swedish that's widely spoken, so regional dialects abound. South Swedish, Gotaland, Svealand, Norrland, Gotland, and Finland Swedish are also well-known. Swedish also shares a common root with Danish, and speakers of the two languages can frequently understand each other. Many 'prestige' varieties have sprung up around the capital of Stockholm and its surrounding areas.

Voice characteristics of the Swedish language

Swedish is known for its (frequently) higher-pitched, nearly-lilting sound, and its very deliberate, slightly guttural proununciation (as compared to languages with a Latin origin, for example). Regional accents vary in their prosody (rythmic quality) and pronunciation. The differences in phonology can be as severe as those between American English, Received Pronunciation (RP), and Australian English.

Special pronunciation for Swedish voice overs

While it may often seem guttural to listeners who are not as versed in Nordic languages, it actually has quite a few open vowels. Combined with a melodic quality. It also has a higher-pitched, warmer sound compared to Danish. Prosodically (rythmically), the enunciation of words tends to be more deliberate and slow-paced, with clearly distinct words and sentences.

When to use a Swedish voice over?

If you want to clearly represent this part of Nordic culture, then you're in the right place. A Swedish voice over can bring their realities to life in your projects, and it can t

Swedish voice overs summary

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