Vietnamese voice overs

Find the perfect Vietnamese voice for your voice over project.

Vietnamese is one of the unique languages in the world. It’s a language that conveys authenticity, and with a native Vietnamese voice over talent, your project will sound more natural.

Vietnamese voice over info

As a tonal language, each word of the language may have different meanings depending on how you pronounce them. The language is also an expression of the Vietnamese people’s national identity and diversity. A Vietnamese voice over can be quite incredible. With its unique tonal characteristics, a Vietnamese voice over is not your ordinary dubbing. A Vietnamese voice over production can be used for various purposes, from character dubbing to e-learning.

Origin / History of Vietnamese voice overs

Vietnamese is the language of Vietnam, where it originates. People once called it the Annamese, a part of the massive Austro-Asiatic language tree. Its roots are similar to Cambodia’s Khmer and other minority groups in the regions surrounding the country. The consonant cluster and inflected morphology of the tree are even evident in the language to this day. One of the most-spoken languages in the world, it has notable Chinese and French influences. It is as expected given the long history that entangles the three countries. Around 86% of Vietnam are native speakers of Vietnamese, with the remaining 14% speaking various languages. Besides, the Vietnamese language has many dialects. The influence of other countries on the Vietnamese language is strongly seen in certain areas. The Chinese were mostly adopted in politics, science, medicine, and religion. French words were mostly “Vietnamised” in areas of food and fashion, as well as infrastructure. On the other hand, modern technology has many English words adopted.

Countries that speak Vietnamese

Vietnam is the main country that speaks Vietnamese, with most of its population considering the language as their mother tongue. It is also spoken in the Guangxi Province of China, in Laos, and Cambodia. There are also a considerable number of Vietnamese speakers in Australia, France, and the USA. It is also recognized as a minority language in the Czech Republic.

Vietnamese accent voice overs

The Vietnamese language has many dialects, but the most prominent are from the three main regions of the country. The prestige dialect, said to be the basis for standard Vietnamese, is the Hanoi accent from the Northern region. They consider themselves to be more refined and cultured. Another is the Hue dialect, usually unintelligible to speakers from other areas. The third is the Saigon dialect from the Southern region. Just like Hanoi, this accent is mostly intelligible even to speakers outside of the South. The Saigon dialect’s prominent characteristic is the fact that it’s more lower-pitched and more monotone. Meanwhile, both Hanoi and Hue are more high-pitched.

Vietnamese voice overs summary

Vietnam is a great place to have a presence. The convenient East-meets-West city of Hanoi is one of the major business centers of the Far East. We’d say it’s a cool place to do business, but thanks to the tropical climate ‘hot spot’ would be a more appropriate term! That’s why you’ll need a Vietnamese voice over for your special message – don’t miss out on this important audience
Close to a hundred million people speak or understand the official language, Ti?ng Vi?t, but a host of other languages including Tày, M??ng, Cham, Khmer, Chinese, Nùng, and H'Mông. How will you communicate with these millions of people? Getting your message across can actually be very easy indeed. All you need is a voice over in the Vietnamese language of your choice. At BunnyStudio, we have an incredibly diverse pool of professional voice actors from all over the world and of course, that incudes Vietnam too.
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