Show me the money!

Just what IS Bunny Studio Voice??

Bunny Studio Voice is a crowdsourced service to get professional voice actors. It operates similarly to, although much faster and better than, a traditional production house. Bunny Studio Voice is neither a marketplace, nor an agency.

How is the money distributed?

Each Bunny Pro sets the rate for their work. Bunny Studio adds a fee on top of that price (which ranges from project to project) and calculates the final cost.

On average, this is how the cost of every project is distributed:

Bunny Studio Voice
Talent fee
Sales / marketing
Customer service
Research and development
Operations and hosting
Transaction (payment) costs

Bunny Studio always ensures that the Bunny Pros are paid the rates they request.

Bunny Studio Voice is a team of techies and voice actors. We wanted to create a place where clients get voice overs quickly and easily and voice actors get paid for their work quickly and easily. Thank you for making Bunny Studio Voice a reality!