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Our voice-over pitch categories are here to help you find the right tone of voice for every project.Different audiences call for different approaches, and we’re here to help you match your script to a perfect voice every time.

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Human voices come in a broad range of pitches and categories that are better suited to convey different messages. While it would be funny and ironic to match a deep, resounding bass with an ad about children’s toys, it certainly wouldn’t make for a great audience reaction. Finding a voice that’s suited to your product or message is half the battle won, and we’re here to help make the process as quick and easy as possible.

We’ve curated an enormous selection of experienced vocal pros for you, and we’ve categorized them in pitches and vocal ranges. While vocal ranges are commonly used in conversations about music, they also can relate to the distinct vocal qualities of a speaking voice. For instance, a light, young-sounding, male tenor voice may be a great fit for e-learning material aimed at high-schoolers. The soft, relatable timbre can create a lighthearted air that creates the right mix between authoritative, objective, and relatable.

Other projects may call for different approaches. Our voice-over pitch categories are aimed towards helping you find the right performers for the needs of every script. A sombre, macabre opening narration for a dystopian sci-fi audiobook may require an entirely different voice than a children’s story about the gingerbread man. The idea is to match the tone of the script to the pitch and gender of the performer in order to create the desired effect.

Whatever the style or requirements of your project, rest assured that there’s an ideal voice-over pitch for you out there. We haven’t only made it super-easy for you to browse each category, but we’ve also included descriptions of every pitch and examples of superlative performers so you can get a proper feel for what every category sounds like. We value your time, so you just enter the length of your script and your desired category, and we’ll take it from there. Then, it’s just a matter of browsing different vocal performers until you find that one vocal match that sounds 100% right for you.