Baritone Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Baritone voice for your voice over project.

It’s the voice of the average male; strong, powerful, masculine. Baritone voice-types are common, and yet, very hard to miss. Not too deep, not too high_ the baritone voice voice-over is the voice of the everyday guy that everyone likes. The guy next door, or the one you might run into at the store. Baritone voice is relatable, warm as well as authoritative.

Info for Baritone voice voice overs

Are you looking to establish the authority of your brand? Baritone voice voice-over is deep enough to sound wise and authoritative, and it is also light enough to be catchy and dramatic. Baritone voice is unique as it adopts properties from both tenor and bass voices. This makes it appealing to a larger audience, both young and old, male and female.

When are Baritone voices right?

Because it is so common, baritone voice appeals to a lot of people. Narrations, documentaries, and commercials all use baritone voice voice-over to gain the confidence of the audience while still sounding fun and approachable. The deep tone in a baritone voice also appeals to female audiences

What makes the perfect Baritone voice over?

Baritone voice voice-over is warm, heavy-sounding, and has a unique vocal range. A tenor voice can hit high pitches; a bass voice can easily go lower. Baritone voice falls right in the middle and can hit higher or lower notes depending on a voice actor’s vocal range. Baritone voice voice-over is commonly mis-categorized as bass voice since they are both deep sounding. The average vocal range for a baritone lies between the bass and tenor and should not be confused with the two.

Which are the most famous Baritone voices?

Frank Sinatra was a baritone. And so it John Legend. These voices carry a powerful masculine weight that is beautiful to listen to.