Bass Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Bass voice for your voice over project.

The bass voice sings the best notes in a barber quartet. Bass is a type of classical male singing voice that is of the lowest vocal range. It is the deepest form of a man's voice, and the most rare. The bass voice voice-over is authoritative and powerful.

Info for Bass voice voice overs

The commanding nature of the voice leads people to associate bass voice with seniority and power. This voice type represents leadership and knowledge and can create confidence in your brand. It can be quite difficult for the ear to pick up pitches that are at the bottom of the scale. This means that bass voice voice-over needs skilled actors.

When are Bass voices right?

Bass voice voice-over automatically catches the attention of your audience. It demands the respect of the listener, young or old. A bass voice over is perfect when making a public service announcement since it has seriousness and authority to it. The voice is usually portrayed in film as the voice of a god or a villain. It also has a warm and calming effect, especially when used by jazz and R&B artists. Bass voice represents leadership and knowledge and can create confidence in your brand.

What makes the perfect Bass voice over?

Bass voice is the deepest, darkest and heaviest voice type among males. It is low and resonating. To get a clear bass voice, the voice actor should work on their breathing and improve their body posture. The strength in you bass comes from you chest voice.

What are other Bass voice subtypes?

The subdivisions of the bass include the comic bass,bass-baritone, lyric bass and dramatic bass. Lyric bass is a higher bass which is more mellow while the dramatic bass is lower and more powerful. The bass-baritone has the low notes of a bass and is darker than the actually baritone.

Which are the most famous Bass voices?

There is a German Opera singer, Ren`e Pape. He is one of the classical musicians gifted with a deep bass voice. The artist Leonard Cohen also makes the cut, and this list wouldn't be complete if we didn't mention Barry White.