Contralto Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Contralto voice for your voice over project.

The lowest and the rarest of female singing voices, only a few possess the contralto voice type. Most often overlooked and trained as other voice types, contralto is a beautiful, dark, and powerful voice. With wide vocal ranges and great roles they can play, a contralto voice voice over will be good for your project.

Info for Contralto voice voice overs

Whether deep or light, contralto voice is versatile. While this voice isn’t celebrated as much, it certainly has a place in the voice-over industry. With a contralto voice voice over, you can achieve an elegant and authoritative yet gentle voice for your project. Let a contralto voice talent voice over your project and see your audience get mystified with such a seductive voice.

What makes the perfect Contralto voice over?

Contralto has an extraordinary vocal range. It is a lot similar to the mezzo-soprano, and its counterpart is countertenor, a high male voice. True contraltos have a very low pitch with a rich and dark timbre. With their wonderful vocal range, a contralto voice voice over will add color and weight to your project.

What are other Contralto voice subtypes?

One of the most crucial characteristics of this rare voice is one isn’t merely a contralto. There are different subtypes under this voice, and it isn’t only a dark ringing tone, as many thought it is. There are three main types of contralto voice – coloratura contralto, lyric contralto, and dramatic contralto. Coloratura contralto is extremely rare with its light voice that has a strong ringing upper register and lower register. On the other hand, lyric contralto lacks an extensive dramatic power with a considerably melancholic sound. It’s deep and dark but isn’t as powerful. Lastly, there’s the lowest, darkest contralto voice with immense power – the dramatic contralto.