Countertenor Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Countertenor voice for your voice over project.

Otherworldly and mysterious – that’s how people describe a countertenor sound. To some, it’s almost a “freak of nature.” However, this rare voice isn’t mystical at all. With highly developed falsetto and strength similar to full-voiced sound, it’s one powerful voice type. With a countertenor voice voice-over, you have a sweet, seductive voice to intrigue your audience.

Info for Countertenor voice voice overs

Finding a countertenor voice voice-over talent perfect for your project isn’t that easy. This particular voice type is rare, after all. But with a countertenor voice, you can lend your voice-over project with a sound guaranteed to capture your viewers’ attention. Such a beautiful voice, when deployed sensitively and correctly, can make any visual project stand out.

What makes the perfect Countertenor voice over?

Natural countertenors are rare, but you can train to be one. It’s why it’s sometimes considered a vocal technique instead of a voice type. Boys with a countertenor voice have high falsetto developed to extend even in the mezzo-soprano range. However, you can also perform countertenor by tenors and baritones, which shows its wide vocal range. Although not always, many lower male voices have more beautiful and stronger falsettos. Highly trained countertenors can also hold back an incredible amount of breath pressure in their bodies. It is thanks to that that they have a beautiful and strong tone with amazing agility. Thanks to its expressive variety, a countertenor voice voice over is sure to give your project a daring voice.

Which are the most famous Countertenor voices?

Andreas Scholl, a classical singer in the alto range, is a famous countertenor voice along with Philippe Jaroussky, a French sopranist countertenor. There’s also Klaus Sperber, who is most known as Klaus Nomi, a German countertenor performer. Natural countertenors may be rare. However, skilled countertenor voice voice-over talents are more plentiful.