High Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect High voice for your voice over project.

Excitement! That’s what you should be feeling as you launch your new campaign, and it’s what you potential customers should feel too. A high voice voice-over can get you there, easy peasy. Why hold back? A high voice delivers the message with strong emotions and is guaranteed to get your customers excited about your campaign.

Info for High voice voice overs

A high voice voice-over is not annoying. On the contrary, it can cut through the noise as it packs a lot of emotion. The opera is a perfect example of how high voice can both captivate carry an audience through a performance. It’s the voice of a performer; dramatic, catchy, and memorable. The seeming irregularity in a high voice voice-over might just add that competitive edge to your brand, giving your business a personality that customers can relate to.

When are High voices right?

Running a commercial for children? Do you want to remind your adult audience of their inner child? A high voice voice-over is one way to make sure your audience immediately looks up. When doing an animation, a high voice could represent an animal character. The high pitch peaks interest and inspires trust in your product. You can also use a high voice to convey sarcasm in your project. It’s entertaining to multiple audiences across all age groups.

What makes the perfect High voice over?

High voices are not just for females. People also associate a high voice voice-over with squealing or screechy sounds, which is untrue. The voice can apply for a child as well as a male falsetto voice type. A high voice can be loud, soft, or conversational.

What are other High voice subtypes?

Tenor voice is the highest male voice type. Soprano is the highest female voice type. There are subtypes to the soprano voice that include dramatic soprano, mezzo-soprano, and coloratura soprano.

Which are the most famous High voices?

If you've heard Spongebob Squarepants speaks, then you know what a high voice sounds like. And you also know how hard it is to get out of your head.