Low Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Low voice for your voice over project.

A low voice implies composure, calmness, surety. This voice can either be male or female, and it is deep and soft, but it can be loud. A low voice voice-over is not a whisper, and neither is it a bass voice_it’s simply low-pitched and gives off a sense of authority and expertise.

Info for Low voice voice overs

You should consider using a low voice voice-over to brand your business. Fast food commercials go for low voice voice-overs because they influence the perception of the listener. Listening to a narration done in a low voice can lead you to believe that the product being advertised is larger in size. Food commercials use this knowledge to expand their business, but the applications of a low voice voice-over go beyond this.

When are Low voices right?

A guided meditation voice-over, a Christian narration, a true crime narration_ these are just some of the many uses of low voice voice-over. Depending on context and vocal range, a low voice can be inspirational, warm, serious or thoughtful; but it is always confident and authentic. Low voices are perfect for narrations as they are engaging and believable.

What makes the perfect Low voice over?

Low voice voice-over is not restricted to any gender or age group. Even children can have low voices. Fans of video games, audiobooks, animations, and movies can all appreciate the rich delivery of a low voice in voice-over.

What are other Low voice subtypes?

Low voice voice-over can be classified into different categories depending on one’s vocal range. There is bass, the lowest and rarest voice type among men. There is baritone voice; the most common among men. And then there is contralto voice which is the lowest and rarest voice type among females.