Mezzo-Soprano Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Mezzo-Soprano voice for your voice over project.

Although they call it the middle-range voice for females, mezzo-soprano is by no means less in beauty and power. Mezzo-soprano is a glorious voice with a quality of sound that can send shivers down your spine. And a mezzo-soprano voice voice-over will give a unique warm tone to your project.

Info for Mezzo-Soprano voice voice overs

Mezzo-soprano singers are known for their warm yet intense voice. Who would think you can also apply that in voice over projects? Mezzo-soprano voice voice-over is perfect if you’re looking to add something unique to your script. Whether it’s for movies, plays, TV shows, or presentations, a mezzo-soprano voice might just be the best fit for your visual project.

What makes the perfect Mezzo-Soprano voice over?

Mezzo-soprano is the middle range voice type with a vocal range between soprano and contralto. Known for a heavier, darker tone compared to sopranos, it has a higher range than contralto. Primarily a female voice, males with this vocal range are called countertenors due to the more breathy and lighter tonal difference. Besides being a typical female voice, mezzo-soprano is common as well in non-classical music. As it carries characteristics of both alto and soprano singers, mezzo-sopranos have a richer vocal timbre. It can also reach high notes 2 octaves above the middle C. Mezzo-soprano voice voice-over talents have an excellent voice range to offer to their clients.

What are other Mezzo-Soprano voice subtypes?

There are three main subtypes of mezzo-soprano – coloratura, lyric, and dramatic mezzo-soprano. With coloratura mezzo-soprano, there’s an agile high register and warm lower register. On the other hand, the lyric mezzo-soprano is quite smooth and sensitive. Sometimes, it also has a melancholic quality. Meanwhile, dramatic mezzo-soprano comes with a strong medium register while the high register is warm. Also, it’s more powerful than coloratura and lyric mezzo-soprano.