Neutral Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Neutral voice for your voice over project.

Maybe it's the voice of a news reporter or an interviewer. Perhaps it's the voice of a security commerical or a documentary. This unbiased, clear voice is the one you want when you are looking for a straight up, no nonsense tone. The neutral voice voice over is a perfect choice for a number of scenarios. Think of it as Goldilock's perfect porridge.

Info for Neutral voice voice overs

We tend to think of the midwestern voice as the neutral voice voice over, but this one is more than just accent free. It's one that can slip into most any role and take charge. It's not too high, not too low. Not too deep or overly soprano. Yet, it's far from basic or bland when matched to that right role. In fact, it can be the perfect delivery for so many opportunities.

When are Neutral voices right?

The neutral voice voice over has universal appeal. Because of its neutrality, it's not off putting to anyone. The majority of people enjoy listening to a neutral pitch voice. The sound of the voice can become a soothing, yet authoritative delivery for the information it's sharing. The audience appeal is wide and it can fit for almost any situation.

What makes the perfect Neutral voice over?

The neutral voice voice over is, well, neutral. Its characteristics may sound basic but its the perfect delivery model for so many scenarios. Sure, you may not want to use the neutral voice voice over for your southern grandma character or annoying young girl, but with the clear, even toned, nonoffensive, easy to understand, and pleasant to listen to characterisitics, it has wide appeal.

What are other Neutral voice subtypes?

Sub types of the neutral voice over can be male or female, young or old.